DebtCC introduces referral system for the community members

The Debt Consolidation Care Community (DebtCC) has introduced a new feature called “Referral System” for its 418,488 members. This gives a scope to the community members to earn dollars by referring followers.

Online PR News – 08-November-2012 – Carson City, Nevada – With Debt Consolidation Care Community introducing the referral system for its members, they would get yet another opportunity to earn dollars. Under this new system, the members who have already earned 1000 credit points in the community will be able to make money through their followers.

The concept of DebtCC referral system is quite unique and noble. Here, the esteemed community members can earn credit points through their new followers, and convert these points into dollars later.

The referral system is a platform for the followers of the DebtCC members to join the community. The followers can join DebtCC through the user pages of their favorite community members. All they need to do is press their mouse button on the "Join Community" option in the user page of the community member. Thereafter, they can just sign-up in the community, and become a member of DebtCC.

The new members of the Community can start participating in the community once the registration process is complete. Henceforth, the new members can ask and answer debt questions through Forums and Social Answers. Once the new members earn 1000 points through their valuable participation in the Forums and Social Answer, the community member (through whom the new member joined DebtCC) will get 100 credit points instantly.

There are some basic rules and regulations which the community members need to follow for earning dollars through the newly introduced referral system. The rules are pretty simple and can be easily followed. For example, the community members are not allowed to create spams here. DebtCC community is not a platform to create spam. So, none of the members are encouraged to do it. Likewise, multiple accounts from the same IP are strictly prohibited here.

In the present economic scenario where it is very hard to earn a single penny, DebtCC referral system offers a chance to the members to earn dollars without doing any hardship. The referral system has been developed and introduced in the community to increase participation, and reward members. The main idea behind the referral system is to increase the membership base, so that more number of community members can help each other in fighting with debt problems without paying a dime.

The DebtCC Community has been helping members to tackle their debt issues for more than 6 years. The community shows the right path to debt free life to the struggling debtors. Apart from helping the members to deal with the debt problems, the community also offers various opportunities to earn rewards and dollars. The new referral system is just one example which shows how the community helps the people to earn money, and handle debt related problems efficiently.

Till now, the Community has received good response on the referral system. The community members are excited about the new system. A DebtCC community member, Arthur Adams says, "I have currently earned 740 points through community participation and would love to give more effort in order to collect 1000 points.”

Another community member Marvel Becks says, "I am quite excited about the referral system. It gives us a chance to earn more points and thereby dollars. The best part of the referral system is that I don’t have to do any hard work at all. I have already 1000 points. So, I am just waiting for the new people to join the Community through my user page. I will encourage the new members to actively participate in the Community, and share their knowledge with others".  

Some other community members have also suggested some constructive changes to make the referral system more effective. The community is planning to implement some changes in the near future. Hopefully, it will make the system more dynamic and transparent.

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