Negotiations Training Institute offers Onsite Negotiation Training Courses in San Francisco Bay Area

"We have expanded the geographic delivery of our onsite negotiation training courses to the San Francisco and greater Bay Area” reports Jim Hornickel, Director of Training and Delivery at Negotiations Training Institute.

Online PR News – 08-November-2012 – Easthampton, MA – Easthampton MA, November 05, 2012 - "We have expanded the geographic delivery of our onsite negotiation training courses to the San Francisco and greater Bay Area” reports Jim Hornickel, Director of Training and Delivery at Negotiations Training Institute. "By adding expert facilitators from San Francisco to our training team we have improved our ability to share negotiation training courses with companies in the Bay Area”, he adds.

Over the past year, the Directors at the Negotiations Training Institute have assessed the desires of client organizations when it comes to their need for negotiation training courses. What they found was that professionals on the west coast have a growing demand for high level negotiation training courses to assist them in building negotiation skills. While many professionals are involved in formal negotiations, client organizations reported that staff involved in routine conversations with suppliers/customers benefit from participating in negotiation training courses.

According to Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at Negotiations Training Institute, all levels of staff can benefit from skills learned in negotiation training courses. “Many people start their professional roles with little in the way of formal negotiations training. When they have the opportunity to attend negotiation training courses they realize that fundamental principles of negotiations help in everyday work. “Whether it’s to nail down a deadline, finalize a budget, or close a deal, skills developed in negotiation training courses are core to almost every role in the company. When an organization invests in negotiation training courses they reap financial rewards over time”, asserts Ms. Guthrie. "In the current era, we see many companies investing training dollars & staff time in onsite negotiation training courses like our flagship program called Negotiating Success™” adds Ms. Guthrie. “Not only do our expert facilitators now travel to company sites in the greater San Francisco & Bay area, they customize learning modules to suit the particular corporate environment. It’s a win-win for all involved in onsite negotiation training courses” interjects Mr. Hornickel.

According to Mr. Hornickel, the recent economic shifts have changed the corporate landscape making negotiations training courses even more vital on the west coast. “Company survival is dependent upon successful negotiation outcomes. The tighter economy has forced companies to focus on the bottom line. They realize that a modest investment in onsite negotiation training courses has a huge payoff. It means more deals are negotiated successfully resulting in better financials by year end” asserts Mr. Hornickel. He adds that “teams who participate in our negotiation training courses learn through instruction, experiential exercises, and role play applications. We have taken the best practices that we developed in our east coast negotiations training courses and translated them to the west coast environment”, he emphasizes. Clearly, the payback is enormous as a few thousand dollars spent on negotiation training courses can yield hundreds of thousands of dollars stemming from better deals and improved negotiating outcomes.

The Negotiations Training Institute specializes in helping professional grow their negotiations skills. “We have provided negotiation training courses or other corporate training programs to many large firms in North America. These include BMW, Merck, Novo Nordisk and more. Now we are seeing that even mid-sized firms on the west coast want to earmark training funds for onsite negotiation training courses” states Ms. Guthrie. Jim Hornickel notes “We have received exceptional feedback from west coast clients about our most popular negotiation training courses including Negotiating Success™, Winning Negotiations For Women™, and Negotiations For Middle Managers™. NTI also tailor programs to meet the specific needs of client organizations. “Understandably, companies want to ensure that any training will apply in their specific industry; so we are happy to provide tailored negotiations training courses” interjects Ms. Guthrie.

Established as a global learning company, Negotiations Training Institute (NTI) differentiates itself from other training vendors by providing more experiential negotiation training courses that include role plays, small group discussions and exercises. The NTI negotiations training courses change how professionals negotiate with clients, colleagues and suppliers. Whether you are looking for onsite negotiations training courses on the west coast, east coast or elsewhere in the USA or around the globe please contact us to discuss delivery of negotiations training courses at your site. To arrange for a quote on the provision of negotiations training courses please contact 1-800-501-1245.

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