MOS Announces Free Trial for Healthcare Rebuttals

This established medical record review company helps draft professional and timely healthcare rebuttals for the medico-legal community.

Online PR News – 08-November-2012 – Tulsa, OK – Managed Outsource Solutions, a leading medical record review company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, helps medical claim management with support to draft strong and convincing healthcare rebuttals. The company has announced a free trial on its rebuttals so that potential clients get an opportunity to evaluate the service before signing up.

Managing denied claims is a trying and time-consuming task as insurers have tightened eligibility requirements. Claims may be denied as they were not submitted in accordance with the prescribed norms, or the service provided is considered medically unnecessary. MOS has expert professionals on the job who can handle the entire paperwork in the rebuttal and appeal process. The team can

• draft strong rebuttals to win appeals for denied claims
• provide rebuttals in standard, industry-specific format
• provide convincing arguments as to why the denial is unjustified
• provide clinical and other documents in support of the claim
• provide references, literature, expert opinions and information pertinent to the claim
• verify codes and procedures if necessary
• support to track claim denials and appeals
• help to chalk out a comprehensive plan for claim denial management

The clear and concise reports that MOS can provide go a long way in ensuring efficient and timely claim reimbursement and improved cash flow. As an established medical record review company, MOS works closely with its clients to provide customized solutions.

Why MOS is a great partner

• Owned and managed by experienced clinical and management specialists
• Teams of professionals providing support services for medical record review and rebuttals
• Use of cutting-edge technology
• HIPAA compliant, fully licensed and insured
• Services at competitive rates

The free trial for healthcare rebuttals is a very practical solution in these financially trying times when businesses are wary of investing their valuable resources.

About Managed Outsource Solutions

MOS provides all-inclusive support services for medical record review, medical peer review, medical chart review, medical claims review and medical legal review. The company serves attorneys, chart review firms, independent medical examiners insurance companies, medical-legal consultants, physicians, private corporations, and Social Security Disability firms. For more information, visit

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