The Memory Box Trilogy Now Available!

Inspirational, Mystery & Suspense Author, Cindy Bauer, proudly announces The Memory Box Trilogy is now available

Online PR News – 29-March-2010 – – March 29, 2010

About the author...

Born and raised in Iowa, Cindy Bauer grew up the youngest of three children. An avid reader since early childhood, she often dreamed of becoming a writer. Cindy graduated from Assumption High School in 1975, married her husband Robert in 1976 and left her dream behind. When her mother became terminally ill, Cindy and her husband relocated to Missouri in 1986 to assist with her care. They decided to stay and make it their home.

Cindy's dream to write rekindled while working for a daily newspaper. She published her first novel, Chasing Memories, in 2006 and her second, Shades of Blue, in 2007, both of which were edited by her sister, a former journalism teacher. In early 2008, Cindy severed ties with her publisher. She then rewrote and republished both those novels in 2008.

But editor "sis" is not the only family member involved with Cindy's writing career. Cindy enlisted the assistance of her brother, an artist and lyrics writer, to design the new covers for Shades of Blue, republished November 2008, and Crystal Clear, published June 2009.

Besides writing and marketing her own works, Cindy now freelances as a writer and editor, and also reviews for Bookpleasures. She is a volunteer at Visual Arts Junction and contributes articles revolving around writing, publishing and marketing.

Most recently, Cindy partnered up with Books In Sync, a site dedicated to promoting authors and their books.

"I believe the Lord has chosen me to spread His word through my words and who am I to question His plans for me?" ©2008 Cindy Bauer

"Dreams can be turned into reality if one has the courage to try. Failure comes only to those who don't." Copyright ©2006 Cindy Bauer

About the book...

Crystal Clear
Third in the Memory Box Trilogy
By Cindy Bauer
ISBN # 978-1-4357-5160-0
Publisher: Lulu
1st Edition
June 27, 2009

Annie Thompson, DVM. She loved her new title and is anxious to get her new veterinary clinic opened up and hang her sign out front. She's been dreaming of this day since she received Max for Christmas when she was a little girl.

But someone is bent on revenge and is making sure Annie's new business doesn't succeed. He, or she, is stalking her and mysterious accidents result in setback after setback, causing Annie to seek refuge at Susan's shelter, New Beginnings. But who could possibly be behind everything? And why?

Annie's mother, Laura, is also a victim of the unknown stalker, making the puzzle even more mysterious. Neither of them can recall any enemies or anyone who would wish them harm. So how are the two connected?

Could it be Jordan Wentworth, Annie's former boyfriend? Is he seeking revenge because she broke off their relationship and went to college?

In this final installment in the Memory Box Trilogy, find out what happens next as the complete story unfolds, revealing the truth as Annie discovers the importance of a loving and merciful God and the value of family in her life when her mother passes her most prized possession, the memory box, on to Annie.

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him." ~~ I Corinthians 2:9 - NIV

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