Daddy’s Hands – The Brutal Story of Child Sexual Abuse That Must Be Told

Dr. Rita Makela, author of the recently published novel "Daddy's Hands," earned her doctorate in the field of clinical psychology. She wrote "Daddy's Hands" to raise awareness about sexual abuse toward children.

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"Daddy’s Hands" – The Brutal Story of Child Sexual Abuse That Must Be Told

Child sexual abuse is one of the most reprehensible acts humans commit, yet it continues at an alarming rate. It is a difficult problem, and one that is not easily confronted. It makes us feel uncomfortable—we don’t want to believe that someone could hurt a child in such a devastating manner. We would rather ignore the problem’s existence, to gloss over what it really is and keep quiet, hoping it simply goes away. “As long as it’s not in my backyard!” we all think. But it is in our backyard—yours, mine, and everyone’s!

"Daddy’s Hands," written by Dr. Rita Makela, is based on a true story and told through the voice of a child, Emily, from the ages of 5 to 9. Through Emily’s eyes, we discover the answer to many questions—for example, why didn’t the child tell someone? And when they do, what does it mean when a child says they have been sexually abused? What are some of the things that could have happened to him or her? Emily takes the reader with her as she endures horrendous sexual abuse at the hands of her father. You will feel Emily’s pain and emotional turmoil as she describes, in her innocence, what is happening to her. You will think about her long after you finish reading her story. You will feel anger toward her mother, who is also abusive, and who ignores Emily when she tells her, “Mama, Daddy puts his hands inside my panties, and I don’t like it, and he hurts me.” Through Emily’s eyes, you will learn; you will understand. You will wonder if anyone is ever going to save her.

Dr. Rita Makela earned her doctorate in the field of clinical psychology. She has a great deal of experience working with sex offenders in correctional facilities, in community release programs, and through the court systems. Through her firsthand encounters with the perpetrators of sexual crimes, Dr. Makela developed a passion for sharing the stories of victims like Emily in order to raise awareness about this horrifying issue. With "Daddy’s Hands," she makes a stand in the war against sexual crime toward children. Dr. Makela plans to continue Emily’s story in two future installments. The second novel will chronicle the remainder of Emily’s childhood, and the third will portray an older Emily as she reflects upon the difficulties of her upbringing.

Hear what others are saying about "Daddy’s Hands":

“Best book I've read in a long time! Must read! If there's one book you buy this year, this is it. "Daddy's Hands" is a page-turner and will make you burn the midnight oil. When an author has the ability to make you feel weak one moment then cry tears of joy and triumph the next, that is wonderful, and Dr. Rita Makela has done just that. When you pick up "Daddy's Hands," for a moment you will climb out of your life and into the life of Emily, a wonderfully round and developed character. Can't wait for the second book!”

“Suspenseful book that will leave you cheering one moment and crying the next. Other times you'll find yourself barely able to turn the next page as you get inside the mind of Emily and experience her horrors, her triumphs, and most of all, feel her courage. This topic is extremely touchy but this author Rita Makela has done a fantastic job of mixing a truly great story with a meaningful message that will strike any reader to the core.”

"Daddy’s Hands" was published on July 27, 2012. Purchase your print or e-book copy at,, or iBooks. Learn more about Dr. Rita Makela by visiting her website and blog (