Newburgh Nissan Looks Forward to “Fatigue-Free Seats”

Nissan uses NASA research to create seats that allow the body to assume a posture that cuts stress and fatigue

Online PR News – 08-November-2012 – Newburgh, NY – The auto industry continuously searches for ways to create the safest and most comfortable vehicle possible. One of Nissan’s latest research developments is aimed at addressing both of these issues. Nissan’s “fatigue-free seats” are designed to cut driver fatigue during long drives by equally distributing the driver’s weight and allowing the body to sit in a “neutral posture.”

The idea of a neutral posture stems from the position a human body naturally assumes in a weightless environment, as researched by NASA. Researchers created a seat shape and cushion softness distribution to reproduce this posture in a seat, reducing driver discomfort and stress during long periods of driving. Not only does the seat alleviate the weight the muscles and spine normally support, but it also improves circulation. The combination of these two benefits greatly decreases fatigue over extended drives.

“When you look at how the muscles actually work, you can see that spinal support allows people to sit with less muscular loads, which improves blood flow as confirmed by testing,” said Masahiro Egami, manager of the Component Engineering Development Division of the Interior and Exterior Engineering Development Department at Nissan.

Nissan partnered with Yamazaki Laboratory at Keio University when designing the seat, and also used research from NASA. Researchers used a seat simulator and musculo-skeletal model to determine the position at which the smallest amount of stress was on each muscular and spinal section.

“Going forward, we hope to equip all Nissan cars with this technology,” Egami said. “It’s a seat we can be proud of.”

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