Startup offers Romney campaign workers automatic internship

ItsPlatonic, the world’s #1 place to make friends online, is announcing that it will automatically grant internships to all of Mitt Romney’s campaign workers who lost their jobs in the aftermath of the election.

Online PR News – 08-November-2012 – Boulder, CO – “I used to work in politics, and it can be tough to find fulfillment, personally and professionally, after a devastating loss like this one. Thousands are now out of work, and they may feel quite isolated. ItsPlatonic has decided to offer Romney’s campaign workers an automatic internship to provide them with their next career, as well as a site to use to make new friends in the aftermath of the results.” – Josh Jacobson, CEO

The internship is focused on Romney’s campaign staff, but any member of a national campaign that was within 10 pts of victory will also be granted an internship as well. ItsPlatonic feels that the results of these campaigns speak to the abilities of those involved to market and build relationships successfully.

Interns are managed through the online platform Workflowy, and they can do work in marketing, translation, or even tech development for one of America’s hottest funded startups. The tangible rewards from the internship can include sponsorship for collegiate credit, phone and LinkedIn recommendations from the founders, or even a desk at the ItsPlatonic office, depending on an intern’s accomplishment.

The intangible rewards are even greater, putting ItsPlatonic, a Startupbootcamp Accelerator company, squarely on the supportive side of unpaid internships in the ongoing debate of their utility.

“ItsPlatonic’s automatic internships allow Mitt Romney’s campaign workers to join a hot tech startup and gain valuable experience. It can help them learn new skills, diversify their network, and establish new experiences for their resume. Unpaid internships like this provide tremendous value.” – Josh Jacobson, CEO

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