São Paulo, Brazil has a New Online Travel Guide!

My Destination has made its way to São Paulo, launching a brand new website with everything a foreigner needs to know to take a trip or move to the city!

Online PR News – 08-November-2012 – São Paulo, Brazil – We are excited to announce My Destination has launched in São Paulo as part of a global expansion covering over a hundred other destinations and spanning 60 countries! Thanks to the 12 million visitors My Destination draws in, My Destination São Paulo and its local business partners will benefit from the international audience this global brand attracts.

My Destination is a global travel resource powered by a diverse community of local experts on the ground, providing unrivalled local knowledge and unique local deals. We make travel experiences more enriched, more enjoyable and quite simply, better.

And what better addition to My Destination than São Paulo, Brazil:

“São Paulo is fascinating, full of culture, history, and events all throughout the year. We want to get rid of that image that São Paulo is just a place for business. Besides the dynamics city, have a countryside that’s exquisite and rich in culture and beaches with exuberant landscapes. We plan to show foreigners who come visit and live in São Paulo that it’s a fun place, that’s also beautiful, full of different activities, and especially warm and friendly paulistanos. We are only working with local bloggers, journalists and photographers to produce our content and multimedia. Our network and proper experience has helped us the most in producing the site’s content. We have foreign friends who live here or who have visited, and have lived outside of Brazil ourselves for many years, so we’re familiar with the kinds of questions people have and things they look for when visiting Brazil. We also hope to help those who are in contact with foreigners who come to Brazil, preparing them in their professional and personal growth right here, on the ground!” – Polyana de Oliveira & Cleyton Pacheco, My Destination São Paulo local partners.

My Destination São Paulo: Locally informed, globally inspired.

About My Destination São Paulo

My Destination São Paulo’s main difference from other travel guides is, it doesn’t limit itself to the city’s tips on business travel, or even just nightlife and gastronomy, but also to present a range of options the city has to offer. Another feature is that of cultural programming, offering tips to the score of new expats who arrive in the city and look for these kinds of activities.

The site will cover the entire state of São Paulo, seeing the potential other towns and cities have to offer in terms of tourism, which hasn’t been explored much. The site’s content is all in English and with translation tools for other languages, and this includes written content, as well as multimedia – videos and 360 degree tours. http://www.mydestination.com/saopaulo

For more information on My Destination São Paulo, please get in touch at sp.press@mydestination.com, or call +55 (11) 2548-6847 / +55 (11) 98141-3756.