New book “How to Entertain Beautifully” by London based Mahin Driskill aims to improve your party

This new cookbook help you how to become the best host/hostess you can be. Invite your friends for a lovely lunch or dinner, surprise them with the great ideas you get from the book!

Online PR News – 08-November-2012 – London, UK – Many of us love cooking – some of us are even quite talented at it – but there is a huge difference between serving up good food at a dinner party and entertaining. Of course the food still needs to be good, but what about the ambience, drinks, theme, music, budget, lighting, timing etc? 

“How to Entertain Beautifully” contains recipes for many mouth-watering dishes, but as the title suggests it also bridges the gap left by most cookbooks between having a great meal and having a great time. 

This book is about entertaining and is full of hints, tips and advice on how to plan menus, create themes, and create an ambience where it feels good to eat. It will tell you what mood to set depending on your guests, what kind of music will work with different parties, what kind of lights will enrich the atmosphere and all without breaking the bank.

If you find it somewhat daunting to invite your friends over for dinner, this book will help you banish those fears and guide you through what to do step-by-step. It explains what makes a beautiful table setting, and which garnishes can bring a special touch to your dishes. It also inspires you to be creative with what you have, and bring beauty to your table and create a relaxed, cosy atmosphere to get the 'wow-factor' when you entertain friends and family.

It has over 120 easy and imaginative recipes for everyday and special occasions with useful tips on everything you need to consider when preparing for the perfect meal. 

You’ll also find a section on drinks for all seasons that offers a variety of colourful delicious homemade cocktails and concoctions. 

"Especially during this time of recession, where people tend to dine out less, my book is a great confidence builder and will be useful to those less experienced at home entertaining or hesitant about their ability to throw a great party" says the author Mahin Driskill.

All recipes in this book are nutritious, varied, and wonderfully simple in order to emphasize the beauty and flavour of natural ingredients. They don’t demand any great kitchen skills, and are intended to leave the reader with the ability to make a wonderful evening whoever they are.

The book also includes some specially selected recipes for all dietary needs and lifestyles. If you are having some friends over and one of them is wheat intolerant, one is vegan, one is vegetarian, and one just happens to be very picky then you can do no better than be armed with this book. With recipes included to suit all diets and lifestyles, you only need to choose a couple of the well thought-out recipes to please all your guests and make your table look beautiful.

Whether you are planning an Italian evening, a Middle Eastern experience or even a Scottish Burns Supper - this book will ensure that nothing is left to chance and you and your guests will have a wonderful time, without breaking your budget.

If you love entertaining then this is the book for you.

Some of the recipes are
- Chestnut soup with crispy bacon

- Pan seared scallops with oven roasted tomatoes

- Gently spiced prawns with mango chutney yoghurt dip

- Mediterranean fish casserole

- Persian style meatballs with coriander and tomato sauce & oven roasted aubergine

- Pan roasted duck breast with pomegranate and walnut

- Blueberry and strawberry tart with vanilla yoghurt

***About the author***
Mahin Driskill became passionate about food entirely by accident, and developed cookery and home entertaining skills while travelling the world. She began experimenting and merging dishes from the West with gentle herbs and spices of the Middle East (her birth place) and created new exciting recipes. Initially she used her degree in marketing and management to pursue a career in finance, however it was her passion for food that made her to start her own successful catering company in 1986. Her clients highly praised her “elegant, simple and exclusive fare”.

The book can be purchased directly from: Price: £19.99 

And you can also buy the book at, The Depository, Waterstones, Red Cap Books and good local book stores. 

If you need any help with her recipes, any advice on the menus or little tips on the dos-and-don’ts for your party, Mahin Driskill is more than happy to help or give suggestions. She is also a cookery coach who is mindful of nutrition, and offers private tailor-made cookery classes.