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Generally, an exploratory essay is the one that the writer starts without knowing the end of it. The writer does not know his or her feelings about the topic of the essay; s/he allows the research and the directions found during writing to determine the final opinion. Writing an exploratory essay is writing to learn rather than to show what the writer already knows.

An exploratory essay bases itself on an inquiry by having the writer to look and to contribute to a set of arguments on some topic. While an inquiry introduces the writer to the debate on some topic, an exploratory essay needs him/her to broaden his/her vision of the debate topic.

An exploratory essay focuses on a question rather than a thesis. There are two main ways to compose this type of essay: the “in-process” way when one writes down the current thoughts on the subject, and a “retrospective” way which allows the writer to come up with more artistic essay.

An exploratory essay record the writer’s research and the thoughts resulting from that research. It deals with both content-oriented questions and rhetorical questions concerning the topic of the debate.

An exploratory essay usually combines the strengths and weaknesses of various different solutions to some controversial topic. It is often dialectical because it recreates the engagement of adversative points of view.

An exploratory essay never has a definite structure; it cannot be written according to any standard plan because it is actually an answer to the question presented at the beginning of the essay.

An exploratory essay can be written on many different topics without basing on any exact thesis statement. On the contrary, the writer comes to some thesis statement at the end of an essay. When writing this type of essay the writer learns more and more about the topic of the debate and the potential reader can trace the formation of the writer’s subjective opinion on it.

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