RU Stranded helps Save the USA

A world first app helps provide emergency servives needs to local people. While the USA counts the cost of Sandy, how RU Stranded and downloading the app could get locals the support they need.

Online PR News – 08-November-2012 – Sydney, NSW – "How RU Stranded saved America"
Hurricane Sandy striped all major centres across the East Coast of all communications, electricity within hours of it hitting the coast line. Those who had been brave enough to stay watch as their houses erupt with water and disintegrate around them.

With a mass exodis of the city surrounding regions are desperate to provide shelters and emergency accommodation for stranded travellers with resources stretched with the 40 million people trying to flee the city. Solution: "200 beds still available at West Virgina second second shelter pin drop here" sent to all rustranded app users and web capable. Spaces are filled with another 200 safe.

Hotel chains throughout neighbouring towns offer support 155 rooms available Sandy discount $20 per night tweet or book bit.ly1266. "Reply Tweets and bookings are instantly done via the mobile app booking engine"
Qantas deliver 3000 emergency flights carrying 100000 to safety, flights delivered for Sandy emergency go to to book. The bulk of flihts are immediate taken up and retweets sent to fellow stranded.

The Cleanup
The Emergency services relief is underway throughout the East Coast of America with an expected damage bill of $20 billion dollars. As they brace for the death toll, service providers from all over the country rally for the massive cleanup. The give help through iphone app rustranded 247local delivery gps mapped response services "I need a tow truck to pull the car from the house" reply "you got it I can see your pin, I'm 5 minutes away" a simple Tweet, push notification and emergency relief is imminent.

The Company
RU Stranded is the solution to emergency service provision and direct response. With the integration of Social sharing, booking engines, Google Maps API and mobile technology, RU Stranded surpasses modern technology with a solution internationally patented and with universal value for emergency and urgent relief. Service providers give help, stranded seek help, with applications being developed for use in Apartment Complex's, Hotels, Local 247 service directories, Real Estate agencies the technology appears to find a solution to many humane needs. For more information please visit: or

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