Danielle Leibovici to Re-launch her Childrenā€™s Book Series

Danielle Leibovici, author of the multi award-winning childrenā€™s book series, is re-launching her 'Under The Tree' picture book series.

Online PR News – 07-November-2012 – Norfolk, Virginia – Licensed family therapist, speaker, mom, and author of the multi award-winning childrenā€™s book series Under The Tree, Danielle Leibovici is re-launching her Childrenā€™s Book Series. Titles include If You Love Me So Much, With You Always, and Under The Tree.

The Revised additions now include a related life lesson from Danielle from her professional experience as a marriage family therapist as well as from her personal experience as a mom of soon to be three! All these wonderful life lessons are now included in the back of each book. The life lesson for ā€˜If You Love Me So Muchā€™ teaches the value of self-care. ā€˜With You Alwaysā€™, helps a child cope with death by understanding a love that can be felt but not seen. ā€˜Under The Treeā€™ is a fable underscoring the power of perception.

Danielleā€™s multi award winning childrenā€™s picture book series will be re-launched just in time for the holidays. This book series is being honored by numerous Awards like Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, The Momā€™s Choice Awards and Readers Favorite.

One of the readers Sharon L, mom of three, says: ā€œThese books are simply wonderful... my kids all loved it, it brought pure joy to all our hearts and smiles on our faces. Itā€™s clear that the author truly understands the love of a mom for her child and the heart and concerns of the child. I give it 5 stars because when your child wants to read it over And over itā€™s a definite hit!ā€

Danielle says ā€œUnder The Tree is not just another childrenā€™s book series, each book has been inspired by a simple life lesson that both children and adults can be reminded of. If both the child and adult can gain some insight, a meaningful discussion on the story is more likely to follow.ā€

In addition to the newly included life lessons, there are free fun and related actives and discussion questions for each title found on Danielleā€™s website. These worksheets are a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, librarians and caregivers to further implement together the life lesson discussed.

Danielle is also coming out with a fourth book, Waiting For Emma (A story for siblings and families with babies in the NICU). This title will help families realize and process the often unprepared for emotional turmoil of having a child who needs medical attention early on. This storyline is very true to life and handles the emotions of this journey very sensitively. This book is also a huge resource of information for all members of the family. Danielle uses her personal and professional experiences to share and relate what she has learned and gained strength from, when her own daughter Aura underwent immediate medical attention in her early months and years of life.

To know more about Under The Tree picture book series, or to get in touch with the author, Danielle Leibovici, please visit her official website http://DanielleLeibovici.com

About Danielle Leibovici:
Danielle Leibovici is a licensed marriage family therapist, speaker, mom and an award-winning author. Under her imprint Bloom Publishing, she writes award-winning Under The Tree Children's picture book series as well as other books for children and adults, which aim to inspire and connect.

Her experiences as a psychotherapist and parent have inspired her childrenā€™s book series. Danielle knows what children respond to and what parents are looking for in high quality childrenā€™s picture books.
Danielle Leibovici was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She resides with her husband, children and dog in Norfolk, VA.

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Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
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