Jesus’s Secret to Fight Bullying, Sing Lady Gaga

AntiBully Jesus ( is the popular internet meme that gives mothers and children a fun and entertaining way to deal with bullies. Antibully Jesus is the spokesperson for self help children's book The Brave Unicorn (

Online PR News – 07-November-2012 – San Francisco, California – Bullied? So was He. Take heart, victims of bullies. You’ve got the Savior on your side. It’s AntiBully Jesus ( and He’s going viral. In the week since “Anti Bully Jesus” first debuted on YouTube, it’s all ready been viewed over 9,000 times. In a clip brief enough for youthful attention spans and snarky enough to be funny, “Anti Bully Jesus” gives kids cheeky advice about how to turn the other cheek. With suggestions like “Sing a Lady Gaga song in your head,” plus quotes from Dr. Seuss, a live actor portraying Jesus - complete with crown of thorns – urges viewers not to take bullies personally.

Wong created the Antibully Jesus internet meme after reading the highly controversial yet effective marketing book Trust Me I’m Lying: Confession of A Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday. Wong said, “As a devout Christian, I was angered at the manipulation tactics. But instead of just getting angry, I used the very same tactics to launch a positive campaign and Antibully Jesus was born. Wong also noted that the AntiBully Jesus meme creation was partly from up watching the Jesus character in South Park.”
Wong’s entrepreneur path has been a David versus Goliath story. After his cousin committed suicide, Wong dedicated his life to writing self help children’s book with the primary message that failure is not the end but the beginning. Wong started the Brave Unicorn with $800 from his savings and is a one man show. After being rejected by over sixty publishers, he self published The Brave Unicorn ( on Apple ibooks author. He hired freelancers such as graphic artists and is currently on a budget Subway diet. Wong said, “Subway has Jarrod, the Brave Unicorn has Antibully Jesus as a spokesperson.”
Anti-Bullying Jesus movement is the spokesperson for The Brave Unicorn ( a children’s self help book combining 36 life lessons from Eastern and Western Philosophy.

Wong previously wrote for a weekly column for Asian Week newspaper in San Francisco and worked for DeVry University speaking to over 3000 students about achieving goals. or . 852-9268-7518