Ashes Pendant for Your Dearest Pet

United Kingdom: All procedures of creating Ashes into Glass Memorials are done at the studio itself at Barleylands Glassworks.

Online PR News – 07-November-2012 – United Kingdom – United Kingdom: All procedures of creating Ashes into Glass Memorials are done at the studio itself at Barleylands Glassworks. The company never allows the ashes to be taken away from the premises of the company. They design Ashes jewelry beautifully and it helps to keep in memory your pet.

The company is a specialist in creating ashes pendant and memorial pendant. They also beautifully design cremation pendant as well.

They design and produce all the memorials at their hot workshop which is equipped with a heating system to liquefy the clear crystal glass, ovens for firing the glass and gas flashlights for the more complex work in addition to customary glassmaking tools.

The services of Ashes into Glass are for pet cremation ashes in addition to human ashes. They hold your Ashes into Glass Memorial as precious as it is to you including the memory of your Loved One.

One of the staff at Ashes into Glass states thus: “Keep your love one close to you always. Master Craftsmen, Bill Rhodes, and James Watts create memorial jewellery and paperweights by mixing your loved one's cremation ashes with molten crystal glass and colored crystals. Your Ashes into Glass memorial will be as precious as the memory of your loved one.”

Your pet perhaps was your most exceptional buddy and would have formed an important part of your life. Pet cremation Ashes pendant lets one not merely to observe your pet but to win it in a rare and dynamic plan that fits your memories, and your sense of fashion. Fashionable, stylish, matchless, or with a stroke of fancy, one can choose from hundreds of options in such a way that speaks to your soul and holds the pet with one forever.

The senior manager of the company remarks as: “Ashes into Glass jewelry is designed by ourselves. We have gold and silver fittings produced for us by precious metals casters but do all the mounting, finishing and engraving here. Your jewellery will bear either the 925 Sterling Silver or the 9ct Gold hallmark ensuring the quality of the metal. It will also bear our own exclusive hallmark “ASHES.” This is our Maker’s Mark and it ensures you of the finest jewelry.”

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