"Walnut Of Ukraine" AgroFarwati Group with EU Quality export's exceeded 15 M Euro

About AgroFarwati Group
We AgroFarwati Group a well established commodities brokerages company with an excellent tracking records, located in middle- east UAE DUBAI/Syria and Ukraine office

Online PR News – 28-March-2010 – – AgroFarwati Ukraine.
AgroFarwati Group is associated with local walnuts Grower Farmers association, which has been started up and managed by a group of agriculturists who, since then, have developed in Ukraine a walnut-trees farming specialized in walnuts production.


AgroFarwati philosophy is based on the willingness of defining and formalizing its own walnut production with the aim of guaranteeing and demonstrating the intact preservation of the precious quality which nature has put inside a nutshell: flavor, scent, fragrance, tradition, health, wholesomeness and excellence.

Why Walnuts?
Ukraine is a country traditionally connected to the production and consumption of walnuts; take their name from the centuries old presence of this cultivation, as weather conditions are naturally favorable to its development.
Our Processing
“We deliver the best Ukrainians walnuts to the world period”

AgroFarwati WALNUTS.

AgroFarwati Fresh Walnuts are picked by our Farmers during the month of September close to harvesting after taking off their green hull and they are washed only with water and without subjecting them to any treatment (desiccation) in order to reduce their natural moisture which varies between 45% at the beginning of the period and 30% of end September

Dried Walnuts begins around the 10th-12th September and ends within the first ten days of October.
Its kernel has a light color, slightly amber-colored and it is succulent, with a modest quantity of tannin and essence of “astringent” flavor. Its average yield that is the ratio between the kernel (the edible part) and total weight of the fruit in its shell ranges between 52 % and 55 %.
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