Mozaik launches a New Orloff Spa Experts Website and Logo

In order to convey the corporate identity and vision of Orloff Spa Experts, Mozaik launches a new highly functional website and elegant logo..

Online PR News – 07-November-2012 – Athens, Greece – .. reflecting the company’s continued emphasis on minimizing the gap between the hospitality and spa industry while introducing the Zen approach to life.
Aiming to transport you into the world of calm, the facile user interface with the natural tones, the soothing images and elegant targeted design enables professionals from hotel spas and beauty institutes to discover the benefits and uses of the spa so as to evolve into this flourishing industry while led by the pioneering spa experts and keep up with search engine principals.
The new company logo represents the circles of Zen, the symbol of Ensō, signifying the moment when the mind is free to simply allow the body and spirit create introducing the spa experience that balances the body’s equilibrium and brings you closer to the harmony of nature.
Orloff Spa ( is a company delivering spa consultancy services for the effective operation and organization of a professional spa according to international spa standards. This spa consulting and spa development company focuses on ensuring service quality and financial performance by offering spa set up advice concerning the spa design, interior decoration, choice of spa equipment and spa products as well as suggestions for the facility layout and organization of retail corner. Furthermore in order to maintain plans so as to ensure continuity of spa service excellence, Orloff Spa provides day to day spa management services assuming responsibility for the entire spa unit.
Mastering the know how since 1997 the Orloff Spa experts company in Athens represents some of the most sought after international beauty brands including Swiss VALMONT, the expert in cellular rejuvenation, the leading CINQ MONDES, The ANNE SEMONIN spa pioneer, the thalassotherapy professional ALGOANE and sun care expert ARVAL.
By gathering the leading experts in all areas of beauty, relaxation and well-being the Orloff Spa manages to provide excellent spa services for the most demanding clientele in the sector of hospitality service and the fields of beauty and medicine guaranteeing a prosperous outcome regarding the field of spa.