Capital Group One Inc. To Be Among First Foreign Firms To Participate in China’s Futures Market

Immediately after China’s State Council announced new regulations allowing qualified foreign firms to enter the Chinese Futures Market, Capital Group One Inc. declared it is ready and willing to do so.

Online PR News – 07-November-2012 – London – Administrative rules permitting overseas institutions to enter the futures trading market were made public on Monday. According to the text of the new measures, qualified overseas institutions can participate in futures trading of specific futures exchange products. The specific parameters of the regulations are to be released within the next few weeks by the futures management authority in anticipation of the rules taking effect in December.

The State Council declared in a report on its site that this change in regulations provided for overseas investors to directly take part in futures transactions of crude oil, which the government is currently planning to launch. The report went on to claim the revisions were developed to keep up with the evolving marketplace and to resolve new challenges in futures trading.

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