The Press Conference at Custom Writing is Like a Wedding!
03/28/2010 holds the first press conference between customers and academic writers that the writing market has ever seen.

Online PR News – 28-March-2010 – – Mutual understanding between two parties is a cornerstone of every joint business: from government to wedding. This is also true for custom writing services since they are usually operated online and need exceptional understanding since customer and writer cannot communicate live. This is why considered it crucial to hold a unique event the market of custom writing has never seen – a press conference between writers and their clients.

Firstly, the organizers of the conference were somewhat unsure of the success of such a meeting but after half an hour it was clear that the marketing department of was right in its appraisal of the situation. The very first talk on the procedure of order completion showed how little an average customer knows about the work of the custom writing service. After the talk one of the fascinated listeners compared the custom writing company with a mechanical timepiece whose gears and plates move in unison with each other.

A quick question and answers session held afterwards gathered participants from all over the world who were able to join the meeting online, ask their questions and find the answers. The chief of the marketing department confessed lately that she had not even dreamed of such a tremendous success.

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