Mobile Monthly Shows Way to Turn the Phone Bill into a Five Figure Residual income

Prominent cellular service provider, Solavei is now offering rewards to those customers who recommend the company's service to others and gets them enrolled into the service.

Online PR News – 07-November-2012 – Pasadena, CA – The website Mobile Monthly provides for a detailed account as to how to turn the cell phone bills into residual income for 60 days or less.

Solavei, prominent cellular service provider, is now providing for rewards to those customers who recommend the company’s services to others and gets them to join the service as well. A detailed direction as to how to turn the cell phone bills into residual income for 60 days or less is provided in the website Mobile Monthly Though many have heard of Solavei and its service offering, still there are many others who do not know about its true potential and how one could earn a large sum of money through it. One need not even have to pay the mobile phone bills by using this scheme.

There is nobody in the world who would deny exceptional cellular scheme and plan. People are especially drawn towards plan that helps them to maximize the service option and at the same time offers them with stunning rewards. Solavei is one such exceptionally beneficial cellular plan that actually helps the customers generate more money.
At $49 per month, one could enjoy an unlimited 4G data usage, text, voices and lot other features. To join the plan one could bring own phones or buy one of the company’s phone. By way of referring 3 customers into the plan, one can avail up to $29 per month. The best part is that one could actually pave way for a huge amount of residual income with Solavei.

Just after its introduction recently, Solavei had 200 customers and now it has grown out to be 30,000 customers in just about 3 months. More and more people are realizing the potential of the scheme and are joining into it. The cellular company has also introduced a special offer where customers who sign up with the plan before August 31st will be able to get a free sim card and a month's service free. This offer amount to $78 and already there is a huge demand for it.

David Sheldon, one of the benefitted customers, says, "Mobile Monthly has a free video that explains how one can derive maximum benefits out of the plan. The site provides for an opportunity where the cell phone bill can be turned into a residual income of $1000 per month. You can register with the site to know more."

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