Lakeview Nurseries introduces Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Care Program

In a continuing effort to offer customers “greener” choices for their gardens and landscapes, Lakeview Nurseries, one of the countries first garden centers to use solar power as an alternative energy source announced the arrival of an all organic season long lawn care program.

Online PR News – 28-March-2010 – – “It’s important we help people realize the difference between chemical and organic lawn care products.” says Michelle Harvey, one of the owners of Lakeview Nurseries. “Customers are always asking us “Why should I switch to organics?”. Michelle says. Her answer is grounded in soil science.
Synthetic chemical insecticides, fungicides and weed controls have the potential of killing the “soil life”. Organic fertilizers, weed controls and soil conditioners do the opposite. They encourage “soil life”, including earthworms, in the work of recycling organic matter.
“The first step to this program works differently than chemical alternatives by using 100% corn gluten based granules with a natural 9-0-0 nitrogen fertilizer. This wonderful product feeds your lawn to a rich-green color and also prevents both grassy weeds like crabgrass, and broadleaf weeds such as dandelions from germinating.” says Michelle, adding that “It can control weeds for up to 10+ weeds.”
“The second step to the program is an organic fertilizer fortified with primal humates to re-vitalize your soil and grow a healthy, organic, eco-friendly lawn. This phosphorus free fertilizer contains amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, (naturally derived from fruits and vegetables) and plant nutrients derived from: feather meal, soy bean meal, blood meal, kelp meal, wheat shorts and humic acid.” says Michelle. The organic fertilizer encourages beneficial soil fungi to develop feeding tubes called mycorrhiza, these tubes form a living bridge between the humus of the soil and the grass plant.
If you are new to using organics, Michelle cautions that “Organics take time to build up in the soil, be patient and try the entire organic program for one year and the improvement you will see in your lawn will be dramatic.”
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