EFlow LLC partnering with PayCheck Guardian

EFlow LLC – the mortgage protection helper is now partnering with PayCheck Guardian through their representative program to offer a membership program which pays unemployment benefits for those that qualify for state unemployment, according to the professionals of mortgageprotectionhelper.com

Online PR News – 19-February-2009 – – Tampa, 02/19/2009 - “EFlow LLC has been providing this membership program to many satisfied clients. Today, EFlow LLC joins PayCheck Guardian which pays cash benefits on a monthly basis for the unemployed. We consider this an excellent opportunity for people who are qualifying for an unemployment event to receive cash to support them during this difficult period. In addition to cash benefits, our membership program provides other benefits such as discounts and credit counseling, says Mr. Joel Ohman of mortgageprotectionhelper.com

Speaking on the need of protecting your paycheck income, Mr. Joel Ohman said “Our Membership Program is the best way to get financial support when you are jobless. The importance of being prepared for an unemployment event is a reality that we are experiencing in this difficult financial climate. Our program provides additional cash benefits in addition to the federally/state funded unemployment insurance programs. If you qualify for state unemployment, you will more than likely qualify for our program benefits. This program will always remain by your side as your best financial helper.”

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Joel Ohman said, “As EFlow LLC has partnered with PayCheck Guardian, we are able to provide you three levels of the mortgage payment protection and income protection programs. To the added advantage, the unique program from EFlow LLC offers $750, $1000, or $1500 per month of cash benefit paid directly to the membership program participant depending upon the chosen membership plan. The monthly program costs are very low starting at $49 for the bronze level, $59 for the silver level, and $69 for Gold membership level. With the advancements in direct payment technology, the membership can be put directly on a credit card.”

About EFlow LLC

EFlow LLC is dedicated to providing Americans financial protection during tough economic times. They are founded and co-owned by Joel Ohman who has an extensive background in financial planning, investments, and career coaching. The best way to hedge during these tough economic times it to ensure you have a consistent paycheck during periods of unemployment. EFlow continues to promote and market their Mortgage Protection program andis committed to educate all Americans on the benefits of planning for periods of job losses.

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