Stereo Reform Offers Funk and Rock As A Dynamic Three Piece Band!

Incredibly diverse in their influences and committed in their work, Funk/Rock band Stereo Reform is a talented group on the rise. Having played over 150 shows in over 14 states throughout the USA, Stereo Reform hopes to build its existing influence and better present their band using all available mediums.

Online PR News – 27-March-2010 – – Greenville, South Carolina -Neil Turner (vocals, bass, keys), Will Evans (backing vocals, guitar, keys), and Cre Moore (drums) make up the three-piece Funk Rock band called Stereo Reform. Seeking to accomplish what the band name suggests, they hope to use their unique and catchy blend of Funk music to make an impact on the national scene. A product of diverse backgrounds of influence, Stereo reform takes elements from artists including but not limited to Franz Ferdinand, The Beatles, 311, Sly and the Family Stone, Hendrix, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, and Ghostland Observatory, to create a well-blended sound.

Stereo Reform naturally has the ability to slide into three minute radio format on command. However, they enjoy experimenting with their songs during live performances. The band pushes conceptions of Pop / Rock music to their limit. Pleased with the direction that they are currently taking, Stereo Reform is in the process of promoting songs off their upcoming second album; a task that they view was not done properly following their first release.

“We made a few tactical errors in 2009 due to the aspiring urge to "do it ourselves". But we did accomplish a great deal; We recorded an album and an EP, played somewhere around 150 shows, in 14 or so states, and 30 or so cities, received some radio play in the states and in England, France and Portugal and learned an incredible amount about what to and not to do,” they said.

Recorded at Killingsworth Recording Studio in Hollywood, CA, using Pro Tools, their debut release “Robots of Evolution” gave listeners a fresh sound effective at turning heads. With a bouncing beat behind clever and driving vocals, Stereo Reform has the type of sound that pushes genres; an approach used by Parliament, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. Various synth and keys along with live percussion give their music an incredibly dance vibe; something that they claim will be even more present in their next album.

“We are learning and growing musically every day. Our new songs and our next album will maintain our core sound, but we have added much more of an dance and electronic element. We will continue to add sounds and layers as long as it is cohesive; even if that sound is a dump truck or a hammer smashing against a wall,” they said.

Fixing the imperfections in their previous promotional campaign, Stereo Reform is looking to enhance the presentation of their band. Over the next six months they will be marketing the band and new music online, seeking top notch recruitment in PR, and hiring a booking agent to expand their touring capabilities. The band will also continue to play a few shows a month; a testament to their commitment.

Hoping to create an even larger impact with their sophomore releases, keep an eye out for Stereo Reform as a unique and rising band in the rock world. Expect the latest news on their current album as well as shows and the re-issue of “Robots of Evolution” within the next few months.

“Robots of Evolution” is currently available on Itunes, Rhapsody, and Napster. For more information and to leave the band much requested feedback, check out their website at


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