Just Released Similiar's EVILog 4: Anger Management

A troublesome mood has taken over the lair of Similiar Scumgullian and anger management issues could jeopardize his latest evil villain plans

Online PR News – 06-November-2012 – AKERSTROM – A strange feeling has taken over the lair of Similiar Scumgullian, the world’s most beloved- yet least successful - Evil Villain from the Webseries “Similiar & Familiar”. His latest evil villain plans appear to be in jeopardy as Similiar attempts to deal with the anger management issues being displayed by his evil sidekick, Vegetable Familiar.

“One of the many troublesome aspects with hiring an evil Vegetable Familiar is to learn to cope with their uncontrollable temper,” protested the Evil Genius Similiar Scumgullian during a recent interview outside his secret lair. “The temperament of your average evil Vegetable Familiar is so fickle. One moment they are waxing on about how great your latest plan for world domination is and then a moment later they are interrupting you throughout your entire video message recording! How anyone is expected to work with such behavior and successfully alienate a local community is beyond me!” (http://www.similiar-familiar.com/)

Little evidence has shown that Vegetable Familiar would make appropriate choices for an evil sidekick. In fact, no concrete evidence can be found that any other evil villain, aside from Similiar Scumgullian, has ever had an evil Vegetable Familiar as an evil sidekick throughout history.

“The way evil Vegetable Familiar taunts and heckles with his evil looks and knowing grins is intolerable!” expounded Similiar. “Why, it’s no wonder there have been so many episodes of rage in the lair lately!”

When asked directly about this behavior, evil Vegetable Familiar simply sat, immobile and quiet, as if the line of questioning weren’t even worth acknowledging. Furthermore, when questioned about his involvement in the tampering with the footage from EVILog 3, Vegetable Familiar had no comment. Luckily for everyone concerned, Similiar was able to restore this early EVILog and has since reposted it to the webseries library.

Unfortunately for Similiar, however, this most recent episode of “lair rage” was captured in Similiar’s latest EVILog which is now available online at http://www.similiar-familiar.com/. Additional moments of rage and anger were also leaked on Similiar’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Thankfully it appears that the Similiar & Familiar Pitnerest boards were spared this public embarrassment.

About Balthazaar Media - The Creators of Similiar & Familiar:
The Similiar & Familiar fantasy webseries is the masterful creation of Balthazaar Media’s Wendi Graham and Noah Norton. The webisodes are lead by lead actor David Smyth, who plays the charming and quirky main character Similiar Scumgullian the evil villain sure to capture your heart and have you rooting for him in the end!

Scheduled to launch in November 2012, the Similiar EVILogs have been created as a behind-the-scenes look at Similiar and his road to evil villain history, which can be seen in the upcoming webseries, “Similiar & Familiar.”

And to the town of Akerstrom- as it is a fictitious place- Balthazaar Media would like to state that all fictitious residents are encouraged to relax and rely in the knowledge that no evil plot has actually been formed and that all characters portrayed in this webseries, much like the townspeople of Akerstrom, are all fictitious in nature.

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