MOP Environmental Files New Soil Remediation Patent

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MOPN-pk) CEO, Charles Diamond today announced the filing of a Provisional Patent for a new technology providing fast, low-cost, on-site, remediation of even the most recalcitrant oil spills on land.

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February 26, 2010
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MOP Environmental Files New Soil Remediation Patent
Cleans Oil Saturated Land in Minutes vs Years

February 26th 2010 – Bath, New Hampshire

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MOPN-pk) CEO, Charles Diamond today announced the filing of a Provisional Patent for a new technology providing fast, low-cost, on-site, remediation of even the most recalcitrant oil spills on land.

Deigned “MOP® RESCUE™ an acronym for Maximum Oil Pickup – Rapid Environmental Spill, Clean Up & Elimination”, Diamond expressed the belief that “the application represents what is an important step in a process that looks to move the oil spill remediation industry toward sustainability.”

“We now accomplish in minutes what otherwise took months or years. I believe this will completely shift the existing paradigm for clean up of land-based oil spills to our new, on-site, ultra-fast, low-cost process,” said Diamond.

“Until now, fast, on-site remediation of large land-based spills were exceedingly costly and impractical, leaving the choice of heavy fines for abandonment or costly removal of the contaminated soil for transport to a hazardous waste facility and replacement with clean soil.”

Diamond further states: “ in addition to providing a highly effective rapid response method for today’s spills. our MOP® RESCUE™ process is also the answer for fast, low cost recovery of vast areas of already abandoned oil contaminated lands.”

Profitable Oil Recovery:
“The MOP® RESCUE™ process will substantially offset the usual cost of remediation where a large quantity of oil is still present, since up to 95% of the oil is recoverable in a marketable form,” Diamond points out. “Furthermore, when combined with our Negative Carbon Biomass Energy Systems™ we see enormous potential for creating small power plants and oil harvesting machinery around the process.”

A Green Solution to a Nasty Problem:
“We obviously have more work to do beyond our pilot models, made to demonstrate and prove the MOP® RESCUE™ process. I believe we are now ready to pilot the first commercial size models which can be made with modifications to currently available, large, full scale equipment.” according to Diamond.

“Our testing demonstrates successful removal of oil from virtually any soil in 5 to 10 minutes, ready for return to the environment with the oil captured and removed. The MOP® RESCUE™ process works equally well regardless of oil saturation and any amount of water present from dry land to land totally covered in oil and/or water.”

“Our company mission, he continued, is to produce the most cost-effective, performance-efficient oil spill recovery line of product on the market - - products that both out-perform and “out-green the competition. We look forward to the day when polypropylene and other unsustainable methods of oil cleanup are not just frowned upon, but outright illegal. Consistent with our mission, the MOP® RESCUE™ process meets all the sustainability goals that we set before we began this project. We believe we have proven that oil spill removal can be a responsible, green, and totally sustainable process.”

Diamond expects to finalize the patent within the year and will offer MOP® RESCUE™ technology rights to a select group of environmental remediation companies, giving the remediation companies a competitive edge in the marketplace and generating royalties and markets for MOP products.

Nexus with Other MOP Technologies
“Our new MOP® RESCUE™ process also offers several exciting synergies with other existing MOP technologies,” said Diamond.

“Additionally, we will offer to partner with a heavy equipment company to develop an advanced machine that will operate the MOP® RESCUE™ process, powered by a small percentage of the harvested clean alternative fuel that is simultaneously a “Clean Fuel Harvester,” Diamond said.

Profitable Land Recovery:
“While it is not essential to the process,” Diamond continued, The MOP® RESCUE™ process incorporates a time proven method to extract the carbon from almost any hydrocarbon we remove, generating energy in the forms of heat and biofuels as well as converting the carbon into a plant growth enhancing “Bio-char” soil amendment. It hosts bioactive microbes that produce a much higher quality soil with agricultural yields 200% to 400% greater than ordinary tilled, fertilized, soil.. ”

Reverses Global Warming:
“The unique Bio-char soil amendment is alive with anaerobic microbes that breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, continuously trapping more carbon in the soil to help reverse global warming while their life cycle generates more organic matter that keeps fertilizing the soil.”

Creates a Clean Alternative Fuel:
“After the carbon is extracted and converted into Bio-char all that remains from the hydrocarbon contaminant is a powerful, clean, carbon free, hydrogen based fuel. It is a valuable product that produces an income stream with a potential profit from the cleanup of heavily oil-contaminated land. Imagine… this shifted paradigm now offers a profit incentive for clean up of some of the most egregious oil spills on our planet!

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