Startup launches, "The SuccessFactors for the Contact Center Industry"

Arcaris launches, a Gamification platform designed to transform Contact Centers into more efficient and better places to work.

Online PR News – 07-November-2012 – Sunnyvale, California – Arcaris, Inc is a SaaS-based enterprise startup focused on human resources (HR) for Contact Centers, whose mission is to make call centers more meritocratic and transparent places to work. Today, it’s launching a Talent Management platform for Contact Centers: PlayVox. is a platform that integrates HR processes with the same dynamics that are present in videogames and social psychology techniques to help resolve the most common problems that supervisors, managers and directors suffer in this industry. These include: Agent demotivation, turnover rate and low productivity. With PlayVox, enterprises have the power to take on challenges that arise by using simple and easy tools. These optimize the agents and supervisors internal communication process, training, feedback and coaching as well as enhance reward activities.

The biggest challenge for the Contact Center industry: People

More than 70% of the total cost of Contact Centers are people. This is why technology vendors have focused on creating products to replace human operators with machines.
‘’The human factor is crucial to the success of any Contact Center. We believe in technologies that empower people to do their jobs better. It’s very important that managers and directors have the necessary tools to motivate, train and keep the agent’s personal objectives aligned with company objectives’’, comments Oscar Giraldo, Founder and CEO of Arcaris.

Philosophy and purpose behind the product

It’s no secret that Contact Centers are difficult places to work, yet they are dynamic places where speed, quality and efficiency are paramount. Ariel Cordiviola, Co-Founder and Vice president of Product at Arcaris says: ‘’The product we have designed focuses 100% on resolving the challenges present in people management in Contact Centers. This focus has allowed us to better understand the psychology of agents and supervisors and how to respond to their needs with PlayVox so they can perform successfully’’.
The concept behind PlayVox started with the simple and noble idea to make Contact Centers more meritocratic and better places to work, where people are rewarded and recognized based on their performance and not by politics. ‘’The mission and purpose we have as a company keeps us focused on resolving the problems that Contact Centers have and it motivates us like no one in the world to make a positive impact in this industry.’’ complements Oscar Giraldo, Company Founder.

Groupon’s case and the need for a cultural change in Contact Centers

Groupon, the fastest growing company in the world, uses PlayVox to enhance their selection process, initiation, training and recognition for their customer service agents. Young and innovative companies like Groupon see that the majority of their workers are from generation Y. These workers are aware of the importance of people for a successful business and have grown in a culture based on recognition and freedom with responsibility. This is something that many Contact Centers must understand to be able to adapt to and retain their best agents.

‘’We are a young, dynamic company, and we are concerned about doing things with excellence. PlayVox lets us detect and make a quick diagnosis of underperforming agents or those who ignore certain important procedures in serving our customers. At the same time, it gives us the tools to create, upload and distribute segmented educational content to agents that need special reinforcement. This information is available, so monitoring agent progress becomes much easier’’, emphasizes Carolina Bucarey, Head of Customer Service at Groupon LatAm.

About PlayVox is a social colaboration platform designed to manage and motivate people in Contact Centers. At the top of the platform is an Enterprise-class Application Store called PlayVox Apps. The first available application is an e-Learning App created by Arcaris. In the future, the platform will be available for developers to integrate with different business applications and further simplify life in the Contact Center.

About Arcaris, Inc

Arcaris was founded in 2011 in Sunnyvale, California and is a HR software company for Contact Centers. It’s mission is to make Contact Centers more meritocratic places to work through the application of Game Dynamics and Social Psychology techniques in order to optimize the selection process, initiation, training and recognition activities and incentives in the company.