Egreetings launches all new mobile-friendly section
11/07/2012 is now welcoming mobile users to its new mobile-friendly cards section! The new section facilitates mobile browsing and contains fresh cards with beautiful designs for any occasion.

Online PR News – 07-November-2012 – Cleveland, Ohio – is announcing a brand new postcards section, featuring fresh and mobile-friendly designs. Because we are well aware of the fact that our consumers are permanently on the move, we are ready to follow their expectations. Since the website design was fit mainly for desktop browsing, the new section comes with an easy to view, easy to access design, making the mobile experience of both entertaining and comfortable.

The new section will be available when typing the URL in the mobile browser. The section is designed to offer a friendly, fun experience, while presenting postcards that have high visual quality, as well as messages for any given occasion. The difference between this type of content and the classical Egreetings content is that the new section comes with cards to share with a large number of friends via social networks, instead of just sharing them with one person at a time.

All products available on the new section are free of charge and can be shared either through e-mail or Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Desktop users can also visit the new section, as it comes with a more visually attractive design and easier browsing experience for both mobile and desktop.

Speaking of an easy browsing experience, the postcards section has 9 main categories to choose from (including Quotes, Love, Friendship, Family and Birthdays) for both tablets and mobile devices. For tablet visitors, the section also provides a series of keywords which gather postcards with a specific orientation (such as Laugh, Awesome, Sassy or Snarky).

All the users need to do is swipe or scroll through, discover and share free postcards through e-mail or Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. All products can be sent without needing to register for a membership and are completely free of all costs.