FREE Hypnosis MP3 Publishing Company Makes Major Changes. Their hypnosis tapes and CDs are being replaced by SD cards.

Online FREE hypnosis publishing company makes major change to the way they publish their recordings. This is following on from the requests they receive from their free hypnosis website.

Online PR News – 27-March-2010 – – Many people say hypnosis tapes and CDs are almost obsolete. Well, the UK based publishing company 'The Miracle of Self' Healing' certainly seems to agree. From April 2nd they will no longer be distributing hypnosis tapes and CDs, instead all their hypnosis mp3 recordings will be available only on SD memory cards.

In addition to the FREE hypnosis mp3 recordings that can be downloaded from their website, they also sell a wide range of hypnosis tapes and CDs through retail stores and direct mail order.

Christine MacDonald, the company's CEO explains, “While many of our hypnosis recordings can be downloaded FREE of charge as mp3 files, some visitors ask if they can buy a particular recording as a wav file, and by far the most requested medium for sending the recordings is now the digital memory card.” As Christine further explained, “So from a business point of view, we decided to take a major step and stop producing hypnosis tapes and CDs in favour of SD cards.”

While many companies will continue selling hypnosis recordings on tapes and CDs there seems little doubt that hypnosis tapes and CDs are on the way out in favour of memory cards. Hypnosis tapes, although now an antiquated medium, are still preferred by a few people. Hypnosis CD's are still very popular in retail sales, but with everything in the digital world getting continually smaller, it seems only natural that self-hypnosis CDs are naturally fading out in favour of much smaller, and scratch resistant, memory cards.