CNP Integrations To Feature 4 Presentations At Joomla World Conference

It was a jubilant moment for CNP Integrations’ Joomla support team on being selected to feature at Joomla World Conference. This conference is scheduled to be held in November 16-18 in San Jose CA.

Online PR News – 07-November-2012 – Boston – CNP’s top project management team and Joomla experts will be attending the Joomla World conference, “A worldwide event for Joomla! ® developers, designers and end-users.” The Joomla World Conference is first of its kind and will be held on November 16-18 in San Jose CA. A lot of visitor from around the world are expected to visit this event and participate in various educational seminars, hands on workshops and social events.

Joomla World Conference will definitely take the global Joomla web development to newer levels. Joomla is one of the most popular and award winning CMS. With more than 35 million downloads worldwide and being used as web application development platform for over 2.8 % of all websites, its power cannot be underestimated.
The foundation of CNP Integrations’ consulting business and core expertise has been streamlined to support this powerful suite of tools for online applications. CNP’s Joomla development services are always driven by creativity, passion and innovation. Any community specific to this innovative software movement will definitely find CNP Integrations as an active participant. To leverage this open source framework as developers of custom extensions, CNP offers extensive range of tools, premier support, world class training and Joomla web development service. Thus creating excellent Joomla website designs, responsive mobile applications and online communities
In this connection Christopher Nielsen, CEO and cofounder of CNP Integrations said, “We are greatly honored and appreciate the ability to share information and interact with such a broad audience of Joomla users. It is such a joy to participate in this wonderful community of extremely talented professionals and to meet folks with new perspectives, unique challenges or solutions to interesting problems. These types of events offer us a chance to interact with our peers, get inspired and take away new ideas that benefit our customers.”
The CNP Integrations team will not only attend the Joomla World Conference, but also feature four unique presentations at this event. The topics of these presentations have been carefully selected and crafted to benefit the broad audience of developers, designers and end users.

Dr. Amy Patillo , CNP Integrations Director of Education Programs and professor at the University of MO will present on the youth entrepreneur programs that CNP Integrations has co-sponsored along with the University of MO and their 4H Extension programs. This discussion will explain how youth is being inspired to carve a career in web technologies by Joomla! CMS. While it will also explains CNP Integrations role in extending this opportunity as an effective training partner for Joomla CMS.

Christopher Nielsen , CNP Integrations CEO and Joomla Project Manager, explains about a 3 year contract with the State of Washington in detail. This presentation explores the important lessons learned while building communities with Joomla CMS and the popular JomSocial extensions. This discussion will enfold critical information about planning and executing web portals using Joomla. Building effective online communities for business, education, non-profit or government requires a perceptive knowledge and this presentation aims to share the same.

Jonathan Neubauer , CNP Integrations’ project manager and a“get’er done” member of the Joomla community will be presenting a case study on Drupal to Joomla enterprise level migrations. This presentation will focus on steps used for migrating a large publishing company from Drupal to Joomla, keeping it fully secured and optimized for hosting environment. Attendees will also learn about the possibilities opened by this capability.

Joe Sonne (JoeJoomla) , CNP Integrations project manager and “blog star” is all geared for this conference. Through his interactive presentation he will bring out the importance of customer relationships and ways to raise it to full potential. This presentation is going to be fun. At the same time it enhances knowledge about making choices for doing business online through Joomla CMS. Many loopholes related to effective customer service and project management will also be discussed.

Each presentation being delivered by CNP Integrations at the World Joomla Conference is value adding. They reflect various aspects of working with skillful CNP team, its culture and smart strategies. But at the same time these presentations underline a common thing, i.e. CNP’s consistent efforts to bring amazing Joomla development services and quality solutions for Joomla CMS. You can get more information about these presentations and the Joomla World Conference on CNP Integrations Team Blog .

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CNP Integrations is a business division of Creative Networks Protocol Inc., a Massachusetts based corporation. It has created a big niche in Joomla development services. Team of skilled programmers, project managers, technical and configuration experts collaborate to make CNP Integrations a success. By creating responsive web applications and premium technical support CNP is able to delivers value building methodology with proven process of project management success.
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