New Australian Boutique Wines that are Elegant and Classy from Top Wine Regions

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Australian boutique wines has recently added many new types of elegant and classy wines of their selections on their website. By browsing their deals, you can quickly find all of these wines so that you can make a purchase directly from the Internet. The wine will be shipped to your home, so you don't have to worry about picking it up and the shipping costs will be very inexpensive as well. Australian boutique wines also has a wide variety of wine regions, meaning that they have a variety of places that their wines come from. They have vineyards set up all throughout the world, with some being more than 100 years old.

Barossa Valley
In southern Australia, Barossa Valley is one of Australian Boutique Wines best vineyards. This is where almost half of every vintage and house gets their wine in the region. Barossa Valley in Australia is Australian boutique wine's biggest vine yard and it is also the biggest vine yard in all of Australia. It is here that some of the more distinctive types of wines are produced for the company.

Margaret River
Margaret River is a region where premium wine is grown, because the climate here allows for different types of wine to be grown that cannot be grown in other areas of the world. The Mediterranean-style climate is what allows this region to make boutique size wines, even though it accounts for only about three percent of the entire country's wine grapes. However, it is responsible for about 20 percent of Australia's total premium wine market.

McLaren Vale
This is where a lot of the old vines sit for Australian boutique wines. This Vine yard is more than 100 years old and it is the headquarters for the firm of Thomas Hardy and sons. The wine quality here is very high and they are able to grow a wide diversity of wines because the soil types differ depending on the land that the vine yard sits on.

Yarra Valley
This valley and vine yard sits about 45 kilometers away from Melbourne. It is one of the biggest producers of wine in the area and it is a main contributor to the wine provided that the Australian boutique wines website.

All of the elegant and classy wines that were added to the Australian boutique wines website have come from vine yards as high of quality or better quality than the ones featured above. They get their wines from places all over the world, so they have a wide variety of wines to provide to their customers.

Australian Boutique Wines provides you with all the information about wines from wineries to boutique wines and they even provide vineyard tour as well! Find more by going to