Global Community Support Project Launched

New and innovative way of funding charities has been launched but will it be able to do what it intends to do? Will this grand idea ever get off the ground?

Online PR News – 06-November-2012 – Hanover, MD – The launch of the Global Community Support Project Organization has been slow and mostly unnoticed by the world. The GCSPO is a nonprofit start up that wishes to change the way that charities in developing world are funded and supported. By sending funds to regional charities instead of supplies, less money is spent on logistics. Here is an excerpt from their website:

There are large multinational charities that help many people all over the world. They are the first to respond to a disaster and the last to leave. Every day all over the world there are small groups and individuals who live and provide support in local communities. These charities are too small to get the attention and funding of the world, but their contributions are no less valuable or welcome than the large charities.

We will provide these small charities a chance to gain worldwide support by collecting funds on their behalf and transferring these funds directly to the operators of these charities.

Please help us launch this much needed project by going to Indegogo and pledging your support to our project.

Thank You,
Reverend M. Denny

GCSPO is a nonprofit apolitical organization dedicated to finding funds for small local charities. We are a Christian group, however we will not try to convert or minister to any charity we support. All eligible charities will be supported regardless of religion or country of origin. Donations will be sent directly to the charity chosen by the donator. These local charities are already setup to help, with suppliers and methods already established. We feel the best way to help these charities is to provide monetary support. By collecting funds and sending these directly to the local charities nearly all of the donations are used by these charities. This avoids the cost of transporting goods and personnel across the globe.
We will investigate any charities nominated for inclusion onto our charity list. Any charities reported as scam or otherwise false will also be investigated. A charity that has been found to be untrustworthy will be removed from our charity list and any funds pending to it will be sent to another charity instead.

If you are interested in more information or to donate to their cause, visit them at