CareFidelity Now Offering Medical Loans For Weight Loss Surgery

Medical loan matching service CareFidelity is proud to announce a new loan product for people seeking weight loss surgery. Many insurance carriers do not cover weight loss surgery, and this service will help many people get the surgery they have been looking for.

Online PR News – 06-November-2012 – Bala Cynwyd, PA – CareFidelity is now among the few reputable companies online offering medical loans for weight loss surgery. The company now offers unique medical loan through loan matching services in conjunction with some of the best medical loan lenders online.

According to Peter Finn; CareFidelity's Vice President of Global Marketing, " We are so excited to be able to offer a matching service that will help people seeking a medical loan for a procedure such as weight loss surgery get the money they need and help them get the surgery that we know is so important to them quickly and securely through our secure online service."

Most people have health problems that are weight related. Being able to secure Loans for medical procedures like weight loss surgery is one of the many ways of addressing the overweight prevalence that is far too common in society today. Such loans are crucial to healthy living when people who have tried all else and failed. However there are very few lending institutions willing to offer loans for weight loss surgery which has caused many individuals with weight related problems to suffer needlessly.

CareFidelity's number one mission is to bridge this widening gap and help individuals who have nowhere else to go to get affordable an loan for medical procedures. Medical loan lenders have a bad reputation of denying many qualified clients medical loans on the basis of things such as; bad credit scores, age limitations etc.

CareFidelity doesn't discriminate anyone. As long as clients meet simple requirements for getting these types of loans, the company has a wide network of loan providers willing to offer medical loans for weight loss surgery to needy clients regardless of client's credit scores/ratings or any other unnecessary requirements.

The company's vast network of medical lenders is strategic in terms of offering safe, secure and affordable online loan solutions. Affordability is a key concern especially for surgical medical loans i.e. medical loans for weight loss surgery. CareFidelity offers very competitive rates to all clients by matching clients needs with the most suitable lenders online.

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CareFidelity is a PA based medical loan matching service based in Philadelphia offering a variety of useful medical loans i.e. medical loans for weight loss surgery.

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