Hostzealot hosting company offers new range of VPS based on KVM virtualization technology.

Diversity of virtualization technologies of hosting provider allows to person who make business on the Internet choose the technology that meet all requirements of project. Now all users of Hostzealot hosting have one more virtualization type to choose.

Online PR News – 06-November-2012 – Edinburgh – This technology uses Linux kernel and provides virtualization on Linux-based x86 platforms. It allows to run virtual servers with different operating systems installed on it.

Resources of each virtual server are independent of each other so you don't share your RAM or HDD partition with anybody. Such a solution strongly increases reliability and productivity of KVM virtual server.

KVM technology uses hardware virtualization based on Intel VT and AMD-V.

Each virtual server has its own network card and as a result it is possible to use all network protocols and firewalls.

You can use modified kernels or install your own version of OS from iso-file.

Leading Linux developing company – Red Hat has chosen KVM as primary filed of virtualization development, so it means that this technology will be headed and supported in future.

- Hostzealot hosting company offers 6 KVM-plans from $5.99 to 119.99 (Details here:
- You can get your server much more faster
- Security indicators became better due to innovative technologies
- User can keep an access to dedicated kernel and interfaces
- We provide wide range of operating systems

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