Spot Gold Price Wordpress Plugin

Finally a spot gold price widget for Wordpress that is aligned with the Kitco spot bid price of gold. Never more than $0.07 per gram different than the leading gold price provider, Kitco. The easiest way to integrate the spot price of gold to your blog or website.

Online PR News – 06-November-2012 – Edmonton, Alberta – Finally a spot gold price FREE Wordpress Plugin

Available as Wordpress Plugin, PHP, XML, RSS or iFrame.

For use on your blog or website. Output is per troy ounce in USD.

Compare: Our Price ( | Kitco's Price (

As you can see the price is very close. Never more than $0.07/gram cents apart.

About the Spot Gold Price Feed We Offer

Our gold price feeds DO NOT contain any advertising!

We also DO NOT require you to backlink!

No frills / No Gimmics

Looking for a reliable gold price feed? Our free gold price feed is available and is updated every 1 minute. The prices are aligned with the Kitco bid price of gold. We are never more than $0.07 per gram different than Kitco. As buyers in the industry we found that there was a major need for a free service of this type. At Gold Feed Inc. we also provide paid services that include custom gold price payout charts, gold price calculators based on your given payout values for each item! Our gold price feeds have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% meaning that the feed is always available. Our server is fast and able to handle and serve the price without slowing your website. We offer the feed in many formats including xml, rss, json, iframe, object and flash. Please find and use the format of your choice below. We are sure you will love our FREE services.

Available as a Wordpress Plugin, php script, xml, rss, iframe and object.