ALGAE-X Institutes "855-Fix-Fuel Hotline" to help get Critical Generators Online After Sandy

ALGAE-X has instituted the "855 Fix-Fuel Hotline" in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, offering free consultations and advice to facilities and maintenance professionals working to restore critical generators in the Northeast.

Online PR News – 06-November-2012 – Fort Myers, FL – In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many of the emergency backup generators that power critical operations are failing due to neglected fuel maintenance. ALGAE-X International’s (AXI) local partners in the Northeast report that in many of these failures, the fuel to power these generators is old, deteriorated and contaminated with water, sludge and microbes. To assist mission critical facility managers and generator maintenance professionals with diesel fuel quality issues, AXI has instituted the Fix-Fuel Hotline “855-FIX-FUEL”. The Fix Fuel Hotline offers free telephone support and consultations to help resolve fuel quality problems quickly, in order to restore mission-critical backup generators to reliable operation.

“We’ve had a number of calls this week from Facilities Managers in the Northeast who are experiencing fuel problems after bringing their generators online. We have rushed equipment to several high-profile financial institutions in the area to resolve fuel quality issues which resulted in backup generator failures,” said Bob McCann, AXI’s Director of Sales. “AXI’s nationwide ‘855-FIX-FUEL’ Hotline will remain in service indefinitely, available to anyone who uses diesel fuel,” he said.

“Poor quality fuel will shut down an emergency generator if filters plug and impede the flow of fuel. Even rigorous preventive maintenance procedures can’t prevent generator failure if the fuel is not adequately tested, maintained, and treated. Aged and dirty fuel really is the weak link in emergency power systems,” said Bill O’Connell, AXI’s President.

The standard 30-minute generator test may not detect a critical fuel quality condition. Diesel fuel is a very complex liquid that deteriorates rapidly based on its environment and handling conditions. Mission Critical facilities managers and generator maintenance professionals can take proactive measures to prevent catastrophic fuel-related generator failures with periodic tank cleaning, fuel conditioning or by the installation of automated systems that maintain fuel quality.

About AXI
AXI provides solutions to protect primary and backup generators from failure caused by poor fuel quality. ALGAE-X International’s manufacturing headquarters is located in Fort Myers, FL with a network of dealers and representatives in 70 countries worldwide. AXI’s Green Clean Certified technologies are designed for Mission Critical Primary and Standby Power, Commercial Ma