Sutton Rebrands their Website in Response to Growth and Changes in Real Estate

Sutton has rebranded their website as they respond to changes in the market and growing demands from their clients.

Online PR News – 05-November-2012 – Mississauga, Ontario – Sutton has rebranded their website as they respond to changes in the market and growing demands from their clients.
Founded way back in 1983, the company has greatly influenced the real estate industry. Their new focus now is to create a highly personalized relationship between realtors and their clients. Their new website is created to place realtors at the heart of each business transaction and not the real estate company as it was in the past.
“With the entrepreneurial capacity to service local markets and appeal to unique demands, Sutton realtors will now enjoy the best personal net income opportunity in the industry. Their efforts consistently exceed $20 billion in real estate transactions annually. For this reason, we must adjust and ensure that our business runs in the best way possible to facilitate this.”
Sutton is also one of the first real estate companies to offer each of its 8,700 realtors with a personal email and custom website at the industry-renowned '' address. This initiative positioned its realtors as specialized information brokers, and empowered them to continue growing responsive relationships through a cohesive - and still personal - marketing strategy.
The goal of the new changes is simply to ensure that buyers find a suitable property to invest in and sellers are able to sell their property off fast and at a reasonable profit margin.
Carrying out property searches in this new site will also be much easier. One can put in a lot of details in the search box including location, class, list, price, number of bedrooms, whether or not a property is sale or a lease and. With all these details, finding a suitable property will be a search button away.
The calculators on the site are an extremely attractive feature. One will not need to struggle to figure out different aspects of property costs. The site will now provide three calculators. Land Transfer Tax Calculator, Mortgage Calculator and the CHMC Calculator.
The blog on this site still remains an extremely strong feature. It is on this blog that many issues and questions that people have are raised and addressed. Blogs are also a powerful tool because one can always refer to them for answers and guidance at any time and from any part of the globe.
The Home Buying Guide is also a great source of information that addressed the processes of buying a home in specific cities.
Visit this brand new site and find out all it has to offer on today.

About Sutton Group Realty System Inc:
Sutton Group Realty System Inc. Brokerage was founded in 1983 and this company runs a real estate website, The main goal of the company is to bring realtors and home buyers together and facilitate mutually satisfying business. Find our more by visiting our site on today.