ELCCentral.com adds 'eliquidplanet' company to Electronic Cigarette website dedicated to Consumers.

We have added another new company - eliquidplanet - to www.elccentral.com
That makes 16 different companies available to choose from at www.elccentral.com !

Online PR News – 27-March-2010 – – The Electronic Cigarette is a novel product that offers a clear alternative to Tobacco.

ELCCentral.com's mission is to be the goto resource that consumers need. We provide the consumer with information and a comprehensive catalog of the many different brands and types of Electronic Cigarettes available today.

With information, ratings, personal experience and reviews we Educate to help the consumer Navigate so that they can make the best choice for themselves.

ELCCentral.com - a leading resource and listing website now has sixteen different electronic cigarette companies to choose from on the web site.

ELCCentral.com has added eliquidplanet.com to our lineup of companies. They carry eliquid in VG or PG base. They have both imported and USA made eliquid. eliquidplanet has tobacco and menthol flavors that emulate many popular cigarette brands. There are beverage, fruit and specialty flavors as well. There are literally dozens of flavors to choose from! eliquidplanet is also a full supplier of all things e cig. They have starter kits, batteries (801,901,510,KR808 and Solar Flare), atomizers and cartomizers. Add to that, chargers, adapters, bottles, tshirts and accessories and you can call eliquidplanet your one stop shop for everything you need!

Remember: Electronic cigarettes are tar free, odorless, and free of many of the chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

They are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are carbon monoxide free.

They never have to be lit.

You can choose your nicotine level and flavor.

There is no ash, or second hand smoke, or cigarette butts.

You cannot burn anything with them like car seats, furniture or carpets.

You can save a lot of money when switching to electronic cigarettes.

Less Polution.

No smoke smell in your house or car - or on your clothes or breath.

No stains from tar on your teeth.

So come and have a look at ELCCentral.com today. We now have sixteen different electronic cigarette companies listed with more being added all the time. Infomation is added and updated constantly. We want to help share the good news about the clear alternative to Tobacco. The Electronic Cigarette.