Swedish Fit: how to succeed combining fitness and fun!

This popular fitness class became a way of life in Sweden with over 500,000 members. Established in France for nearly 20 years, Swedish Fit® arrived in the UK over a year ago and is determined to meet the exact same success!

Online PR News – 04-November-2012 – London - England – What's on? Each session lasts on average one hour and includes: a warm-up, stretching, muscle building, cardio, running and finishes with a minute of relaxation. Moving to the rhythm of upbeat music, each movement leads naturally from one to the next.

It's good for everything...
Each transition from one movement to the next optimizes your effort, making sure you exercise without tiring the body out! A physiotherapist to protect the joints and back conceived the movements. Both physical and psychological benefits: Swedish Fit strengthens your bone structure and improves your stamina.

... and everyone!
The movements are simple and anyone can do them, regardless of your age or physique; the class is also fitted for both women and men! Swedish Fit helps you to spend the maximum amount of energy, whilst having fun and getting the most out of an exercise session!

How much? Your first class is free! Afterwards, it’s only £5 per class or £40 for 10 classes: Swedish Fit is also fitting your budget!
Still hesitating? Is it your first time? Come to meet us and we will convince you with a free trial class: by the end of it you will be a Swedish Fit believer!

For all information: contact@swedishfit.com - www.swedishfit.com

Some figures:
 In the UK: 8 classes per week / 12 instructors and hostesses / Over 150 members
 In France: 600 classes per week / 400 instructors and 550 hostesses / Over 15.000 members