Rio de Janeiro e-book Release, "Rio de Janeiro On $50 A Day"

The newly released e-book, provides on the ground knowledge to help travelers get the most out of their spending while in the city. The e-book directs the visitor to awesome places in Rio, and saves them from needless spending as well.

Online PR News – 04-November-2012 – Rio de Janeiro/ RJ – Given the attention that the City of Rio de Janeiro and the country of Brazil are gaining from the winning bids of the World Cup and the Olympic games, the e-books greatest asset is that it is written from an "on the ground" perspective presented by an American citizen who also has Brazilian residency.

Rio de Janeiro is fantastic places to visit, but one must do so with some degree of accurate real world on-the ground knowledge of the location. Absent of this knowledge will ensure that the visitor spends more financial resources than they should be. The e-book, "Rio de Janeiro On $50 A Day", provides many examples such as booking hotels or rental apartments that have free on-site WIFI access, the e-book also draws their attention to locations within quarter-mile distances of mass transit metro and bus infrastructures so they can avoid the use of expensive taxis, as well as directing them to amenity rich sectors in Rio so that all their necessities are within walking distances from where they will eventually be staying.

The author is an American citizen, but has been residing in Brazil for 11 years. He is married to a Brazilian and writes from the perspective of fulfilling the cost-expectations of an international traveler to the City of Rio de Janeiro.