Noted Dog Portrait Artist Launches New Website

Award winning dog portrait artist Judith Jarcho has launched a new website to showcase her work.

Online PR News – 10-November-2012 – San Diego, CA – More than likely, Judith Jarcho won't be offended if someone tells her that her artwork is going to the dogs! Jarcho is the nationally acclaimed dog portrait artist most requested by celebrities such as; Director and Tony Award winner, Jack O’Brien and TV Host, author and dog trainer, Matthew Margolis.

When simple photos or videos of the family dog are just not enough, many pet owners commission talented and renowned artists to capture the spirit and personality of their beloved canine family member in a custom dog portrait. Jarcho is one such artist!

"Take a moment and ponder the words; loyal, devoted, faithful, companionable and unconditional love. Who comes to your mind? Probably the first person those words call to mind is your mother," explained Jarcho. "But, who loves you perhaps even more than your mother? Your dog! Your dog may be, or may have been your best friend, your loyal companion who gave you authentic acceptance and unconditional adoration."

Many dog owners look to artists like Jarcho to capture and preserve those feelings of love and warmth in a custom dog painting.

Jarcho is noted for specializing in capturing the spirit of the unique relationship between dog and owner, or perhaps more aptly stated; loyal companion and friend. Each dog portrait literally seizes the essence of the relationship and immortalizes the dogs cherished expressions on canvas.

Jarcho devotees remark how they are immediately captured and drawn into the painting with her almost indefinable rich color tones and hues. Pure, saturated colors add vitality and life to each of her dog portraits. Working from photos of the dog and in-depth interviews with family members, she is able to perceive and understand the personality of each dog and create a stunning, colorful dog portrait that cannot be duplicated by any other artist.

Jarcho is the recipient of a number of national and international awards and her art work is displayed in the halls of some of the nations most prestigious estates and international corporations, including the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. and the San Diego Humane Society.

For dog and art lovers who are unable to attend a Judith Jarcho exhibition in person, they are now able to experience a private showing of Judith’s fine canine portraiture in the comfort of their own home or office simply by visiting her new web site at:

Visitors will be treated to a full color, on-line art gallery showcasing some of Judith’s finest dog portraits including; Jack O’Brien with his beloved Carin Terriers - Pumpkin & Trudge; Uli, the German Shepherd belonging to Matthew Margolis and Judith’s signature, award winning portrait of Molly In Red.

Judith Jarcho is a colorist. Certainly, the first reaction one has to her work is to the almost indefinably rich hues on her canvases. The pure, saturated colors add great vitality to her paintings, know matter what the series.

The Art of Judith Jarcho portrays vibrant, impressionistic scenes of everyday life. Inspired by the simple and familiar, she transforms these images from ordinary into extraordinary, with a colorful spirited style. From important commissioned work to exclusive exhibitions, Jarcho's paintings have captured the imagination of viewers in America and abroad.

After graduating from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1967, she went on to receive her New York State teaching credentials in Elementary Art Education in NY. She moved with her family, to San Diego in 1979, where she began to pursue a career as a creative artist.

Jarcho approaches each new work with a kind of experienced innocence, always aware of past responses, but remaining open to follow where new feelings lead. As a result, Judith is able to push her art in new directions, without ever losing the thread that ties all the paintings together.

Judith's paintings have been featured at the Parrish Art Museum, East Hampton, NY; The National Arts Club, New York, NY; The Catherine Lorillard Wolf Arts Club, New York, NY; The San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA. Over the last 10 years, Judith has received numerous awards for her unique oils-on-canvas; her paintings are featured in both corporate and private collections and many Fine Art Galleries.

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