Commercial Vehicle Exhibition 2013 produced by Benjamin Mauerberger

A large event for fleet managers, transport analysts and logistics managers who want to enhance their services and business solutions

Online PR News – 04-November-2012 – Sydney, NSW – Commercial Vehicle Exhibition was first time launched in 1999 to promote the variety of new commercial vehicles. Since then it is the region's only Trade Fair for all types of CV Exhibition organized by world commercial exhibitor every year in the month of August in New York. This Event is one of the leading Trade Fair in USA. The chosen place for the Trade Fair attracts almost 18000 high quality customers and visitors. This Commercial Vehicle exhibition is an event to help you in winning orders in this competitive market.

Without a doubt Commercial Vehicle Exhibition is the largest road freight transport show in USA which cater requirements of every operator from heavy vehicle to light Vehicles such as truck, van and trailer, etc. In 2012, the CV Exhibition 2012 boast a high contact to sale ratio and also provides more leads from the potential clients to the exhibitors just within three days which a sale team can find out in an year. That's why exhibitors are willing to participate in this event again and again. Rate of stand's space in Commercial Vehicle Exhibition is also very low just to attract maximum number of exhibitors.

As per Ben Mauerberger, the head of Planning & Preparation department of World commercial exhibitor informed that "the space for the CV Exhibition for the year 2013 is almost fully booked. Since 1999 it is for the first time that we have received such a good results during such a short period of time. Many of the Travel and Transport Companies are encouraging this Exhibition and are also requesting to enlarge their exhibition stand. We are also offering them our best rates for the space. We are still welcoming to register new and potential exhibitors for the CV Exhibition 2013, but without any delay. The innovative solutions, the area of application and our highly promising customers are the Key to success of World Commercial Exhibitor."

The range of Commercial Vehicles which are to be shown in the Commercial Vehicle Exhibition 2013 will be complemented by number of Seminars, Technical workshops and the display area of Commercial Vehicles. These seminars and technical workshops will be held in the Best Convention Centre, New York, on December 2012. This Seminars offer preview of latest Commercial Vehicles in the world to the visitors and exhibitors.

This event attracts to those Transport, Logistics and fleet managers in the region who believes this type of marketing can enhance their Services and business