Weight Loss Medic Announces Website with Diet Plan and Supplements for Permanent Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Medic has announced a new website to help to those who are overweight or obese and want to lose weight permanently.

Online PR News – 04-November-2012 – Salt Lake City, UT – A new website has been created to help those who are overweight or obese find a diet plan and weight loss supplements for permanent weight loss.

The new website at http://www.WeightLossMedic.com offers four different weight loss plans. One plan involves only diet and exercise, others use natural supplements with diet and exercise optional. Weight loss plans range from 4 to 8 pounds per month up to 30 pounds or more based on selections made by each person.

More than 35 percent of adults are currently considered obese, and over half of all adults are overweight, according to reports issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Health problems associated with being overweight include hypertension, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, high cholesterol, respiratory problems, and sleep apnea costing Americans over $150 billion a year, according to the reports.

“People want to lose weight, but they find that their efforts do not succeed, or do not result in permanent weight loss. It becomes discouraging, so many people just give up,” explained Dave Bresnahan, the EMT who created the www.WeightLossMedic.com website.

The new website offers a choice of weight loss plans to fit the needs of different people. Some plans involve diet and exercise, and some do not.

“Each person is different. There is no one way to lose weight and keep it off. That is why I have designed a variety of plans to fit the needs and lifestyle of just about everyone. If someone has trouble finding a plan that works for them, I am available for free consultations to help people find just the right weight loss plan for them,” said Bresnahan.

Bresnahan, the Weight Loss Medic, is often heard on radio talk shows around the country offering help and information to listening audiences. He is entertaining, informative, and brings common sense to weight loss and dieting making it easy to finally take off those extra pounds and keep them off.

About the Weight Loss Medic
Dave Bresnahan is a licensed EMT who is known as the Weight Loss Medic because he helps people to find a realistic weight loss plan specific to their individual needs. He created the www.WeightLossMedic.com web site to offer free help and resources to those who want to lose weight and keep it off. It is a part of the services offered by the Assoc. for Health and Wellness, Inc. a 501 c 3 non-profit found online at www.A4HW.org.

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Dave Bresnahan