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ComXdesign was established to provide web development services in the Southport area of Australia. ComXdesigns provides all services related to web development such as web designing, website hosting, domain registration and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Dandar Drive, Southport – We at ComXdesign give a high priority to quality and at the same make sure our services are affordable. We have a highly qualified team of web developers who strive to make sure your website is of the highest standard. We can assure you that the end product will leave you very satisfied and you will keep coming back for more.

We believe that in order to deliver quality products, communication is highly necessary. We will always involve our clients in the development process. At every stage, we will ask the clients to provide input on the site's overall look, functionality and efficiency. The feedback that we receive will help us understand your needs and help us deliver what you want.

ComXdesign gives the highest emphasis to quality, but we also understand that economically we need to be viable as well. In this regard, we constantly monitor our competitors and make sure we are cost effective. Various of our products such as SEO come with refund guarantee. In the case that we fail to deliver what we promised, we will refund the entire amount.

Apart from web designing, we provide other services such as web hosting, domain registration and SEO services. Our web hosting service is of the highest standard and we will make sure that your site's have no downtime. We provide domain registrations for all extensions at a very low cost. SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization, is a service where we will make sure that your site is always ahead of your competitors on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our developers are highly qualified and have been trained to deliver quality products. They have been trained to work under tight deadlines, without compromising on the high standards of quality we follow. At every stage of the product development, it will be monitored so that it adheres to the high standards that we believe in.

For any web development related work you can always get in touch with us through our website We are located at 30 Dandar Drive, Southport. We can be reached via email at or you can always call us on 07-5660-6519.