Hertz Kompressoren Launches New Range Of Energy Efficient Compressed Air Machines

New HSC D range of compressors from Hertz Kompressoren UK offer a compact design, fewer parts to maintain and repair, and energy efficient credentials.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Manchester – Manchester, UK October 24th 2012 – Hertz Kompressoren has released a direct drive powered range of air compressors that are energy efficient, quiet, and produce fewer vibrations when compared to other compressor models. These efficient and effective HSC D range of compressors use a variety of techniques and technologies to help ensure that they are more efficient and less likely to break down than their predecessors too. A five year warranty is included on the major parts of the compressor so that new owners can enjoy peace of mind as well as protection against the cost of repairs.

The direct drive system used by the new compressed air range offers a selection of benefits to the end user. There’s no requirement for potentially bulky additional parts like belts and additional motors. This means there are fewer parts that can experience trouble and the reduced number of parts also means that the design is more compact as there is less to be housed inside the compressor.

The direct drive system also causes less vibrations so the machines are safer and easier to handle, suffer less vibration and shock damage, and require less maintenance. This means that repair time and cost are reduced so that you can enjoy lengthier periods of high quality air compression. The machines also use less energy than many of their counterparts and is another way in which the use of the HSC D models can represent cost savings for the buyer.

Hertz Kompressoren manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality air compressors and accessories. The latest HSC D range include a five year warranty on major parts and are designed for use in industrial settings. They can be combined with other machines and, thanks to the use of the direct drive system, wear and tear on all the machines is reduced.

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