(Bridgeton,MO) March 25, 2010 Michael Hathman of Smart Solutions Credit Repair lends insight into improving your FICO score

Regardless of your financial situation, your FICO credit score is an important aspect of a consumer's finances.

Online PR News – 27-March-2010 – – A good score can have banks competing for business when an individual applies for a loan. A bad score may mean that they won't qualify for an auto, mortgage or credit card – or if they do, the individual may only be offered high rates which will cost extra money each month.To improve a credit score, the most important thing to do is pay down debt to reduce the amount owed.

"A credit score rating can normally only be improved over a period of time through re-establishing credit worthiness," says Michael Hathman of Smart Solutions Credit Repair. "In the end, pay bills on time, every time."

Many consumers with minor indiscretions, such as missed and late payments, are able to improve their position substantially in just seven to eight months.Those who no longer have an active agreement because they have filed for bankruptcy or are in a debt relief program could re-establish their credit by making repayments on a low credit score loans or bad credit unsecured credit cards.Credit scores change when new information is reported by creditors. So scores will improve over time when credit is managed responsibly.

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