Rich Schefren Releases New Report Revealing the Single Biggest Business Threat in Years

Rich Schefren breaks years of silence with controversial new report on how a "Mind Virus" is causing so many entrepreneurs to constantly struggle, stalling their success, and so many businesses to fail before they even start.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – LONDON – Rich Schefren has just released a new and controversial report called "The Prophet Prophesy" in which he reveals what he describes as the "single biggest threat to your business in six years". This "threat" is stalling the success of entrepreneurs and often killing their businesses even before they've had a chance to get them off the ground.

This is Rich Schefren's eighth report and, like its predecessors, it's creating ripples throughout the Internet marketing community.

Rich Schefren's first report in 2006, "The Internet Business Manifesto", has been downloaded an estimated 1.4 million times. It really shook up the Internet Marketing arena and radically transformed the manner in which many Internet Marketers operated their business. This report along with just a blog and a coaching program formed the foundation for Strategic Profits – a multi-million dollar company.

Following on from "The Internet Business Manifesto", over the next two (2) years Rich Schefren produced another six (6) eye-opening reports. And then he stopped so he could focus on his private clients and, as he puts it, "freedom".

His client list reads like a who's who of Internet Marketing. Past clients include Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss, Marlon Sanders, Yaro Starak and Telllman Knudson. In fact, he is regarded as the "coach to the Internet Gurus". Top clients pay him up to $25,000 a day for advice and he's booked for months.

"Rich is a bona fide multi-media expert in streamlining business operations, managing fast and dramatic growth."
Master Copywriter, Marketer and Strategist, Dan Kennedy

So it took what Rich Schefren is describing as a pandemic to bring him out of semi-retirement to write this current report "The Profit Prophesy" and set the record straight on why so many hardworking entrepreneurs are struggling and why so many businesses both online and offline are failing.

He defines the root of the problem to be a "Mind Virus". However, he not only identifies the problem, he also reveals the solution to this problem – a simple and easy shift to enable business owners and entrepreneurs to immediately alter directions and achieve the success they desire.

"If you're going to achieve the success, freedom and wealth you desire and deserve, you're going to have to make a shift. You're going to have to change your approach."
Rich Schefren

This solution is integrated into a new training program called ProfitHacks which Rich Schefren created with Pete Williams and the Preneur Team. Fundamentally, ProfitHacks is designed to teach clients how to triple or quadruple their income… while working 90% less than they do now.

Rich Schefren believes that the information contained within "The Profit Prophesy" report is so critical that, he's not only providing the report for free – you don't even have to optin for the report.

Click the link below to download "The Prophet Prophesy" report:

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