Book Provides History of Talk Radio's Enduring Impact in Presidential Elections

The Right Frequency by Fred V. Lucas examines talk radio personalities from Walter Winchell to Rush Limbaugh and the impact they had on politics and presidential elections.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Fredericksburg, VA. – Every talk radio host from Lauran Ingraham to Thom Hartmann will put their own spin on Tuesday’s presidential election. The talkers spin this year has swayed some voters, reinforced perceptions of other voters, and will assure many won’t sit out Election Day.

Already, talk radio has played a role in the 2012 presidential race, as President Obama’s campaign used Rush Limbaugh’s criticism of Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke to garner support from women voters. Just four years earlier, Limbaugh was in the news for his “Operation Chaos” that prolonged the 2008 Democratic primary between Obama and Hillary Clinton. This is nothing new, as radio commentators have played a role in presidential elections since the medium’s earliest days.

The Right Frequency: The Story of the Talk Radio Giants Who Shook up the Political and Media Establishment is a detailed history of talk radio’s impact on elections and public policy debates. The book is by Fred V. Lucas and published by History Publishing Company.

The book traces on air personalities such as Father Charles Coughlin, an ardent supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 election, whose audience was so vast he got a speaking slot at that year’s Democratic National Convention. The book further details the measures taken by the Lyndon B. Johnson administration during the 1964 presidential race to target right wing broadcasters. Three decades later, conservative hosts were helping to choose the Republican presidential nominee.

“Millions of listeners hear insights on talk radio they won’t hear on the network or cable news casts,” said author Fred V. Lucas, the White House correspondent for “It’s remarkable that despite various media revolutions – TV, cable, the Internet – talk radio has managed to have significant impact on presidential elections.”

Dick Morris, who knows something about presidential races as a former campaign advisor to President Bill Clinton, praised The Right Frequency.

“Talk radio destroyed the liberal media monopoly and gave the conservatives a voice,” Morris said. “But precisely because it brought the giants low, the publishing industry has ignored its history. Fred Lucas now fills that void, explaining from where it came and where it might be headed.”

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