Telemedicine Blog Reaches 1 Million Visitors in October is an Indication of Public Awareness

Telemedicine is becoming as a blog discussing telemedicine has reached 1 Million unique visitors for the Month of October.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Palm Desert, California – The Telemedicine Reporter, a blog discussing tele-health and its worldwide applications, has reached 1 Million unique visitors for the Month of October. The masthead refers to the Blog as a “Library of Medical Wisdom,” and has been publishing since September 2009.

“Telemedicine is becoming part of mainstream medical services that peoples are now demanding,” says Alexa von Speyer, the Editor-in-Chief of The Telemedicine Reporter. “Admittedly it has taken some years for the general public to not only be aware of telemedicine, but come to the realization that is saves time, money, provides superior medical care, and most importantly, is now available.”

The qualitative number of 1 Million hits per month certainly portends to the concept that telemedicine is becoming more of a topic in conversation. The allure of receiving medical care remotely, without the hassle and cost of going to a doctor’s office, seems an extremely enticing proposition, considering the popularity of this blog.

What makes this blog’s achievement so notable is that the Telemedicine Reporter is not commercialized. There are no pop-ups, solicitations of sponsor ads driving traffic. The Blog team comprises of media staff that do a superb job in placing vibrant photos and videos for each post.

“Healthcare is so diverse and people are often desperate to find that right bit of data that will change their lives and telemedicine does just that; it changes life for the better,” said von Speyer, “we present our information it in a cogent, easy to read, fact filled manner, which recognizes the intelligence of our reader. There are no absolutes in medicine, so we present truths and alternative truths, allowing our readers unfettered aaccess to reliable knowledge.”

The Telemedicine Reporter confirms what we all suspect as being the dominant issue of all web sites and that is “content.” With One Million hits and no advertising driving the traffic, it is the quality of the the blog's content which attracts and keeps readers.

Telemedicine is no longer a star-trek fantasy of the future, it is actually here today, and if this blog is any indication of its popularity, it seems we will be seeing and hearing quite a bit about telemedicine in the coming months and years. We all will, in good probability, be using it ourselves, sooner than we might have thought.

About US Tele-Medicine:
US Tele-Medicine is a company established in year 2005 to provide best serives in the field of Telemedicine to self-insured corporations, state government employees and medicaid beneficiaries.