Study Abroad Students Experience “Global Cities, Globalisation and the Transatlantic World”

CAPA International Education partnered with the Eccles Centre of the British Library and offered its study abroad students an in-depth, day-long event on the effects of globalization on urban development, political and cultural relations

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – London – The symposium, entitled, "Global Cities, Globalisation and the Transatlantic World," took place October 19th, at the British Library located in the heart of London. As a leader in international education, CAPA International Education intends to expose students to educational opportunities that are engaging, challenging, thought provoking and intellectually valid. Through this event CAPA's aim was to help students and faculty explore one of the world's most significant political and cultural relationships and to investigate the continuing influence of transatlantic global cities within this relationship.
Presentations included topics such as, "Is the Anglo-American Relationship Special?" "Transatlantic Perspectives on the Social City," and "Creative Enterprise: Globalisation, Art and Culture." Speakers from CAPA International Education, the Eccles Center, University College London, Sussex University and others will be on hand to present and discuss these themes. "We are thrilled to have sponsored this important symposium at the Eccles Center, a perfect setting for an in-depth discussion on globalisation," said John Christian, CEO of CAPA. "This important event continues our mission of providing our students with significant educational and cultural learning opportunities throughout their study abroad experience."

"The USA was born out of a rejection of British control: the unruly child of an over-imperious parent," explains Michael Woolf, Deputy President and Chief Academic Officer at CAPA. "The rebellious offspring has long become vastly more influential and powerful than the doddering parent. Yet there remains a sense of stubborn connection. The relationship between the UK and the USA is multi-faceted, shaped by forces of globalisation and urbanization, marked by affectionate exchange, mutual appeal, nervous interaction, and periodic collision (and misunderstanding). Our objective is to inspire our students, who are themselves engaged in a transatlantic interaction, to analyse and explore this complex and intimate relationship."

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