Preserving Memories one DVD at a Time

What began as a personal loss has propelled one woman into a new career.

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Helen Brooks, LCPC
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Kalispell, Mont., March 26, 2010 – Few of us can remember very much about our great grandparents; they aren’t typically a presence in our lives for very long, or at all for some, almost by definition. And when we lose these loved ones, there’s often little left behind to help us understand exactly who they were, or learn their life stories.

That is, unless your family has met Helen Brooks.

Brooks is the owner and operator of Life Histories by Helen, which provides professional interviewing and recording services of your loved ones, to preserve the memories of those we will inevitably lose. The resulting DVD collection is a digital time capsule of the person’s personality and life stories, letting future viewers understand who they are, and what they’ve experienced.

Preserving the stories of others became Brooks’ passion after her father suffered a stroke at age 57, leaving him without the power of speech. She would never hear him describe his life, their family, or what he had learned from his time here. Brooks became adamant that although she couldn’t preserve her own father’s memories, she could use her story as a way of helping others avoid the same fate by acting early to preserve these words and stories in digital format.

“I think knowing about others’ journeys is valuable to all of us, and makes us feel connected to one another,” Brooks explained. “Doing these Life Histories keeps generations to come linked to their history. Helping people keep that connection alive from one generation to another, after those people are no longer here, is why I do this.”

Brooks takes her work very seriously, and brings the empathy and compassion she’s learned from her eight years as a licensed professional counselor to every interview. She works extensively with the subject and their family to tailor interview questions that best reveal the individual before the recording begins. After the recording has finished, Brooks says her interviewees often leave with a better understanding of themselves than they had before.

“Often I think people suddenly realize the value in their lives after an interview,” she said.

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