100 Largest US Cities Get Their Own Passes for Passbook

Consumers want to use Apple's new Passbook app but it's a challenge finding passes to use. Passjoy solves this problem with "search passes" for the 100 top cities in the US, that automatically find passes for each city and user's preferences. Ding! You've got passes.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Dublin, California – The Passbook app released last month is a great tool for shopping and discounts, but many consumers are frustrated because it’s a challenge finding passes. At the same time, many merchants want to try Passbook coupons but can’t find an easy place to start.

Now with Passjoy Search Passes, consumers in the largest 100 US cities have an easy tool to keep an eye open for new passes.

iPhone users just download a search pass for their city and leave it in their Passbook app. The search pass looks just like any other pass, but it’s linked to Passjoy’s pass search engine and coupon database, constantly scouring the web and other sources to find passes.

When new passes are found…ding! The iPhone is alerted and the new passes are listed on the back, ready for instant download.

Jim Bonner, co-founder of Passjoy, says: “Passbook is so lightweight and easy, perfect for the short-attention-span consumer. It needs a search tool that is just as easy, and works from inside Passbook itself so users never have to go anywhere else."

With a search pass, consumers can:

>> Watch for new passes
>> Request new passes from merchants
>> Change settings on search pass, to highlight certain product categories (clothes, groceries, entertainment) and certain discount amounts (25% or higher, for example).

Using the built-in Passbook architecture, Passjoy search passes are linked by a serialized link to a back-end server. The server sees settings and demographics and searches and presents relevant passes.

Completely Anonymous

The Passbook architecture ensures anonymity. “We don’t ask for email or identifying information. We don’t want it,” says Bonner “Passes are a great sales tool already, they give us everything we need as merchants to provide build a great relationship with that customer, to build trust and brand value.”

A Way For Merchants to Get Started

A lot of merchants want to try Passbook marketing but don’t know where to start and are not sure of the demand. "Passes are a classic chicken and egg problem right now," says Bonner. Search passes resolve that problem by giving customers something they can get in their Passbook immediately, and providing merchants a starting point. Merchants can submit their passes for free.

To find a search pass for your city, visit www.passjoy.com

"Passbook" is a registered trademark of Apple Computers, Inc.